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   fleeting, Riyuerusuo. But also to the time of the annual inventory! Looking back on 2018 Chinese home building materials industry development trend, the annual keyword "supply-side reform, transformation and upgrading, new retail, self-contained, two-eleven, diversify, foot bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions" and other hot words much home industry concern and hot. At the same time, this year there are a number of laws and regulations regarding the home building industry formally introduced.

   2018 home industry policies and regulations, you know how much?

   1, "Peoples Republic of China Environmental Protection Tax Law" from January 1, 2018 came into effect.


   Interpretation: The State Council announced the "Peoples Republic of China Environmental Protection Tax Law Implementation Regulations", from January 1, 2018 formally implemented, which means that since 1989 Environmental Law after the introduction, in operation for almost 40 years, will exit the stage of history sewage charges, environmental protection into the "tax era" green taxes on April 1 this year ushered in the first levy period.

   tax base

   as environmental taxes discharged directly to the ambient atmosphere, water, solids and other pollutants and noise. Green taxes based on the construction of two mechanisms: First, the "multi-slice pay more, pay less and less row, no row of non-payment" forward emission reduction incentive mechanism; the second is "the bottom line given country, places to go up" dynamic adjustment of tax mechanism.

   2, reverse osmosis water purifier efficiency rating - "reverse osmosis water purifiers and water efficiency limit efficiency rating of" national standard 2018 November embodiment.

   Interpretation: in November 2017, the national food safety regulator, the National Standards Committee released a national compulsory standard water industry GB34914-2017 "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating of" national standard, with effect from November 2018 began. The standard specifies the aspect of water effective method for detection and calculation, on the other hand the effect of water into five, and set the red water aquaculture net rate, i.e., 5 to 35% water efficiency is defined. This means that after the new national standard, where the net rate of less than 35% water aquaculture of RO reverse osmosis water purification, are regarded as defective products, a new setting value defined by the national standard of water effective to eliminate those high water low quality product. Details ......

   3, "Water Pollution Prevention Law" from January 1, 2018 formally implemented.


   Interpretation: the newly revised "Water Pollution Prevention Law" More than ever, the "Water Pollution Prevention Law" clearly a lot more specific job requirements. New "Water Pollution Prevention Law" also increased the penalties for violations of the water environment, on the basis of consecutive daily increase in punishment, to raise the fine range, for example, will business exceeded the total amount of ultra-fine by the "amount of sewage charges more than double to five times "to" more than 100,000 yuan 1,000,000 yuan "and so on.

   4, 2018, my countrys first re-coating service standards release. - "wood interior walls and recoating services and acceptance (T / CNCIA02002-2017)" community standard on January 1, 2018 formally implemented.


   Interpretation: renovation, walls and other areas inevitably involve repaint problem coatings. November 2017, China Coating Industry Association released the "interior wood walls and recoating services and acceptance (T / CNCIA02002-2017)", this standard is intended to ensure that the interior walls and wood recoating service quality, environmental protection complex requirements, while ensuring customer household goods from construction impacts, improve service quality. The standard on January 1, 2018 formally implemented.

   The present specification the terms and definitions specified indoor walls and wood recoating service requirements, the subject group, moving furniture, masking, base layer materials, construction preparation, construction, removal of protection, homing furniture, acceptance, apply to all wood interior walls and recoating services.

   5, "scalping" will face penalties - "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" (2017 revision) from January 1, 2018 into effect.


   Interpretation: published since 1993 and implementation of the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" was first amended in November 4, 2017, is a comprehensive revision. "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" (2017 Revision) came into effect January 1, 2018 into effect.

   non-implementation of the new regulations have confused behavior, commercial bribery, false advertising, violation of trade secrets, unfair premium sales, business defamation, unfair competition in the Internet field seven categories of unfair competition. The new law stipulates that the operator shall not their performance, functionality, quality, sales, product user evaluation, won the honor, and so do false orMisleading commercial propaganda to deceive, mislead consumers. An operator shall not by organizing false trading, etc., to help other operators to make false or misleading commercial promotion.

   On the other hand an increase in provisions, operating in violation of the provisions of Article 8 of this Law on the commodities make false or misleading commercial promotion, or through the organization of sham transactions and other ways to help other operators or false misleading commercial publicity, supervision and inspection department shall order to stop illegal activities, a fine of 200,000 to 1,000,000 yuan;

   in serious cases, at one million yuan more than two million yuan fine, the license may be revoked. After the new law, the electricity supplier business "scalping", false trading behavior is expressly prohibited, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

   6, to buy toilet to see "water efficiency labeling" - formally implemented March 1, 2018 "Water efficiency labeling management approach."


   Interpretation: "Water efficiency labeling management approach" into effect March 1. After where the inclusion of water efficiency labeling rule catalog of products with water, to be pasted in water efficiency labeling products manufactured before or prior to importation. Establishing water efficiency labeling system, will lead the development of water-saving technologies, encourage enterprises to improve the overall quality water products, water-saving industry specification market, and guide consumers to choose efficient and water-saving products.

   7, the new sheet metal furniture is defined --GB / T3324-2017 "wooden furniture general technical conditions" from April 1, 2018 implementation.

   Interpretation: The new "wood furniture general technical conditions" modified solid wood furniture, veneer definitions, increasing the definition of sheet metal furniture; modify the product classification, table type, classification, class stool, bed main dimensions the like. Modify the formaldehyde emission requirements and test methods, increasing the VOC limit requirements and test methods, increases the leather and textile fabrics aromatic amines decomposable requirements and test methods.

   8, GB / T3325-2017 "metal furniture general technical conditions", GB / T34441-2017 "Performance Evaluation software combustion Furniture Mattress" national standard furniture 3 April 1, 2018, May from 1 to implement.

   Interpretation: "Metal furniture general technical conditions" to define the range of NA, increases the predetermined classification standard modified structure, the other requirementsContent reclassification were classified in appearance properties, physical and chemical properties and safety performance medium; "burning software performance evaluation of furniture mattresses" standard specifies the terms and definitions software combustion performance of the furniture mattresses, requirements, test equipment and facilities, test methods and testing regulations.

   9, formaldehyde emission requirements more stringent - the national standard GB18580-2017 "interior decoration materials, plywood and their products in limited release formaldehyde" into effect May 1, 2018.

   Interpretation: a new standard modified release formaldehyde detection methods and formaldehyde limit value, a predetermined interior decoration materials release limit value of 0.124 mg / cubic meter of wood based panels and products of formaldehyde, Limited flag E1, cancel the original E2 levels.

   10, or changing the classification tree wood products - a new revision of GB / T18107-2017 "mahogany" July 1, 2018 formally implemented.

   Interpretation: the end of December 2017, the National Standardization Management Commission issued: revised GB / T18107-2017 "mahogany" will be July 1, 2018 formally implemented, instead of the 2000 revised standards, GB / T35475-2017 "wood products with material specification" will also be implemented. "Wood products with material specification" specifies the requirements and test methods requirements definition and classification of species of timber wood products, heartwood and sapwood, materials, moisture content of the wood products. "Mahogany" provides the categories and characteristics of mahogany timber species name and its strict definition of "mahogany" the meaning and scope.

   11, patch panel jacks protective door must be - after October 13, 2018, can only be sold in line with GB2099.3-2015 "plugs and sockets for household and similar purposes Part 2-5: Conversion s special requirements, "the patch panel.

   Interpretation: Since April 14, 2017, in accordance with the revised national mandatory standards, companies can only produce products in line with the new national standard.

   April 14, 2017 in line with the production of the product GB2099.3-2008 (currently implementing national standard in effect), to allow the sale to October 13, 2018.

   After October 13, the domestic sales only meet the new national standard products. The new national standard jack patch panel willDoors shall be provided with protection to avoid children because fingers or metal objects inadvertently lead to electric shock.

   12, my countrys first international standard furniture field release - "furniture bed stability, strength and durability testing methods," the official release.

   Interpretation: the first official release by the International Standards furniture led the development of the field of "furniture bed stability, strength and durability testing methods." To achieve the international standard furniture field of the development of breakthrough, effectively fill the gaps in international standards for strength and durability of furniture beds testing methodologies, marking Chinas furniture industry to develop international standards to enhance the right to speak, for the manufacture of furniture power shift has important significance.

   These new rules help Chinese furniture industry gradually into the "standardized" era.

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