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   For consumers, sharing a water purifier can reduce consumers disposable investment. According to consumer traffic to pay their own use, bear the costs in accordance with demand, how much to spend much money, enjoy high-quality user needs is clean water, rather than non buy a hardware device.


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   in the shared bicycle, share charge treasure, shared umbrellas and other items shared everywhere, after the multi-party arrangement, sharing economy is still "aiming" on commodities and consumables, many of the industry who called shared towel "rub warmth , sharing wine appears. Recently, shared water purifier became popular. How to share water purifier? Is "true" share or "sham" lease, just to take the share of "Dongfeng" rub heat? Under a "shared outlet" What is? Insiders said that, in line with the current water purifier market share trend, the future development of shared water purifier may be more and more. But there are sources said, there is the name of "sharing" the name is actually a disguised form of installments phenomenon in the market.

   Recently, relevant media found overwhelming appear on the network "Sharing water purifier" propaganda. After a series of "sharing economy" to promote the "sharing" is not the old industry has become "old wine into new bottles," means?

   The media as a consumer to a number of shared water purifier enterprises to understand. A shared water purifier company official said, compared with the previous most water purifiers, water purifiers user after purchase also need to filter replacement, maintenance, replacement and other investment funds later, to break the traditional sharing of water purifiers users purchase in the form of ownership of the equipment used, users do not have the equipment to turn property rights to clean water usage, using the time to pay the standard service fee innovative consumption. He said users only need to pay a service fee, water purification equipment to provide business executives as well as on-site installation and maintenance for the core, routine maintenance and all other services.

   Insiders said the water purifier in the country more than a decade of development, it is for the industry itself, has formed a relatively mature industry chain system, but from the market point of view, there are still many brands, large spreads , water purifiers and other issues of varying quality.

   shopping site search on a home water purifier, the results to the million flagship high-end line of water purification, ranging from hundreds of dollars a faucet filter. While sales in the shopping site on the top ten of the 20 wereLess than $ 0, and more than half between 50 yuan to 150.

   The main role of

   water filter to purify the water of harmful substances and impurities, the industry sources said water purification products have similar characteristics, so long as the use of the same purification technology, 2000 yuan and 5000 yuan product water quality not much differences.


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   point of view PK:

   1 views intelligent products in line with market trends

   In view of these businesses, the reason can be called "sharing water purifier" because these water purifiers for users to save money: "in common five RO reverse osmosis water purifier, for example, equipment prices generally 1,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan range, a number of international brand even more high, late each year would go spend 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan, ranging from filter replacement costs, if the user three years, overall expenditure of about 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan. "

   It is understood that intelligence sharing water purification chargess deposit is $ 500 per month service fee $ 80, 3-year overall expenditure is 2880 yuan, if the cost of a one-time payment of three years, the discount to 2400 yuan.

   In addition, water purification products will use the shared networking technology to realize intelligent water purifier. Mobile phone users can keep track of water quality, the filter at every level of life, but also online renewals, online booking service. The industry said, from the above point of view, intelligence, sharing of water purification products more in line with current market trends.

   2 views shared water purifier in walking a fine line

   But there are also users questioned the sharing of water purifier, water purifier own to pay for someone else is not used, the quality of , how to ensure health and so on. After a water purifier where to go?

   have implemented shared water purifier company said that the current users to install water purifier is new, water purifier using 2G module for remote extensions, you can binding by two-dimensional code on the product and the users mobile phone. The company official said, through this two-dimensional code can determine whether the machine is used, the user is no longer using the shared water purifiers will be uniform recycling, the use of replacement demand when other users have left.

   Insiders believe that people feel the so-called "shared water purifier" is in fact playing the "sharing" walking a fine line, pay over 3 yearsAfter the fee has water purifier is actually a disguised form of installments.

   Guangdong University of Finance and Professor Xiaoyi said the shared essence lies not need to own an item, but you can use it, "shared items more performance after use, put it back into the public space, others there needs to be used. " Xiaoyi said, with a water purifier three years after purchase service fee, is more like a form of installments.

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