Water purification agents franchisees need to grasp the mark

   In recent years, With the improvement of health and environmental awareness of peoples living standards, water purifier gradually into the household, become familiar with the product, the development of water purification industry in the domestic market It can be described in full swing. Increase sales shop, every water purifier agents all want to see things, but how to do good? In the top ten brands of water purifiers Marco Polo opinion, not a quick fix to boost sales made, agents need to adhere to innovation, good service at the same time mastering the marketing law. For if the master of marketing, Marco Polo to you to talk about. Marco Polo thought that marketing should include: accurate positioning client; brand cultivation and promotion; grasp the product features sales; management channels; competition in five areas of management, following the general direction of Marco Polo will start from 5, one by one they talk about points. Which were potential customers for the product locating feature is undoubtedly the most important, to be targeted. It can often be a customer perspective to think about how to get information about our products. Then we will analyze the most effective means of its own affordability of market activities, the purpose is to instill the concept of the product effectively to potential customers. Brand cultivation and promotion: We all feel the importance of brand development and promotion, how to operate, I think it might involve "manufacturers, businessmen, media (channels), rivals" and other factors. It is indeed a "Many hands make light" work. On this issue, the purpose of each speaker are common, only the first potential market to do it, be possible to form a follow-up sales, even the initial competition and cooperation can all be considered. This is also an effective way to avoid some of the financial risk in case of shortage of funds. Of course ordered branding for manufacturers have a duty to support and cooperate, and this support should be "marketing, sales, service," three-dimensional support system. Sales grasp the product features: the premise for the analysis of the product also on customer screening, only fully understand the differences between products in order to accurately grasp what kind of customer correspondence which products to marketing consulting. By the law of product sales analysis, sales value can be found in point products, the largest margin products. This also confirms, what we really care about profits, if sales of large, no profit is of no significance. Product sales trend analysis need to rely on the system to complete more reasonable. Channel management: for its own limited scale, limited geographic sales capabilities boast case, with the power of the channel is clearlyA wise move. Channel variety of ways, a sales and marketing resources around the community. This significant product advantages in the situation, and quickly occupied the market. Of course, but also the development of relevant preferential channel support and policy constraints. Competition management: early I think most businesses are big market in order to speak, in a spirit of healthy competition can jointly contribute to market bigger, after all, to focus only on one or two rush orders do not pay attention to cultivate the future market, will soon break the death. Because of the continued growth of potential business opportunities not meet the requirements of the business. Understand business management proxy franchisees are aware, in order to enhance store sales is not an overnight thing, let alone made a kick, so the agent franchisee has a lot to do to get rid of marketing rules, patience perseverance is also very important.

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