Water purifier sales increase business salkillhave com handy

   As we know, same brand, same market, the same competition, different water purifier franchisee sales are very different. The reason, critical care sales skills. So how can we improve sales skills it? The following summarizes the following major sales skills:




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   1, to keep the brand self-confidence, enthusiasm treat customers

   the first impression often determines whether the final product transaction, which requires water purifier to join their brands to maintain self-confidence. Water purifier franchisee must believe their products to attract customers and the final sale, enthusiasm treat customers, and actively solve difficult problems raised by customers, so easy access to customer identity, trust you psychologically, product introduction and then you get recognized and greatly enhance the probability of turnover products; on the contrary, if the customer love to ignore the answer, sardonically, no matter how good your product, customers will be dismissed.

   2, understand customer needs, to seize the customer psychology

   In the process of talking with customers, we must be good at observing the demeanor of customers, understand customer response to the product, and then speculate customers want What if the customers performance was satisfactory, but with a pained face when it comes to price, this time may be appropriate to reduce the price by some concessions; if customers are satisfied with the products and prices, but referred to his family far away from the store, it can provide home delivery programs; if the customer revealed concerns about the sale, we should mention may provide on-site installation and post-filter replacement, and so improve after-sales. In short, to make it clear what the customer wants, what concerns, understand the real needs of customers, to seize the customer psychology, to solve customer problems and improve close rates.

   3, good late with a single, persistent moving customers

   some customers did not materialize due to various reasons the first deal, this time you need to record customer contact information, usually send holiday greetings, post communicate with customers, ask the customer home water quality, whether demand for water purifiers, if you have time can also be made on-site to help customers detect water quality at home, perseverance, pleated Rao, dedication impressed with your customer.

   4, the benefits to the customer, to explore the potential demand

   If a customer buy our water purifier, saidThe next user of the water purifier is more recognized. At this time, water purifiers franchisee may offer rebates way for customers to help relatives and friends to sell products, the mention by how much money one, friends and clients to further develop this potential market.

   how water purifiers franchisee profitability, water purification agents how to open market sales sales techniques, the current water purifier market demand, but it does not mean that investment will be able to make money, increase customer at the same time, the number of brands in the industry also surged, resulting in increasing competition, to the opportunities and challenges of the growing market, we must start from the customer perspective, enthusiasm treat customers, to win the trust of customers, and constantly tap market opportunities !

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