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buildings more than 95% of pipes of galvanized iron pipes, rust with water bubbling up, urban construction experts announced: The most direct cause of water pollution is precisely the accumulation of water pipeline rust.


Experimental results show that the citys high incidence of liver disease in rural population is mainly due to iron oxide in drinking water, which could have been metal components is an essential, but human intake of too much iron material also will lead to many diseases, the most direct of the largest is the rust on the liver damage is harm.


In multi-tap chlorine disinfection by-products cancer risk trihalomethanes, chloroform and the like is present in sterilized 500 times. One of Japans Professor Jin Nan after a lot of experiments found that the chlorine in tap water will destroy the vitamin vegetables, fruits, will enter the body through the skin, prolonged excess chlorine will erode our skin, and greatly increase the risk of disease cancer body .

   Water: burn or not to burn

   Health drinking Professional Committee of China Medical Foundation Professor Li Fuxing:?

   pointed out in an interview: do not drink boiled tap water representative of security, because the water does not boil and "kill" heavy metals, arsenic, cyanides, nitrites, organic contaminants, such as pesticides, insecticides, synthetic detergents and other harmful substances.

   boil tap water for drinking is our peoples drinking habits, boiled water can kill some bacteria microbes, which is a good way to solve biological contamination of the ancient people, but for today, contaminated water sources do not apply.

   Many people think, boil the tap water can kill bacteria and viruses, drink boiled tap water is safe, this is a great misunderstanding. After boil tap water:

   1, bacterial and viral body is still in the water, into the human body was turned into the medicine called "body heat", a common clinical "nameless fever" and more from this .

   2, water used in the sterilization process in the preparation of chlorine, the reaction of chlorine with water to form the organic residues carcinogen chloroform, chloroform carcinogenic boil will increase 4 times, burn out Harmful substances.

   3, the carbon dioxide reacts with calcium to form calcium carbonate precipitates causing stones.

   4, dissolved oxygen loss. Cell deformation due to hypoxia is an important cause of cancer, cold water can not be usedTo water the flowers, fish, and that can raise people?!

   5, part of the toxic and hazardous substances such as heavy metals, chemical contaminants such as water to a boil and will not disappear.

   6, water can boil to remove most of the volatile organic compounds, but most of the water from the non-carcinogenic volatile organic compounds (e.g. trichloroacetic acid). Therefore, the water boiled water actually increased carcinogens than unboiled water.


   does not boil tap water, there are bacteria and viruses, may soon pathogenic;

   boil tap water, burn out harmful substances in the cumulative effect, chronically ill .

   So what to do? Water purifier it.

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