Residential water purification machines hold the -lifeline-

   At present, the whole country is together, to fight against the new epidemic coronavirus pneumonia. In protection, in addition to go out less, wearing masks and so on, but also on concern about the safety of drinking water and health. So, how to protect the drinking water safe? Water purification equipment have something to say.

   As we all know, domestic water supply as a very basic public services, related to millions of households, is also related to the safety of everyone, especially since the outbreak, water safety is more important, governments at all levels have taken a strict prevention and control prevention and treatment initiatives. On the one hand the implementation of various water plant closed-end management, strict implementation of prevention and control measures, to conduct a comprehensive internal water disinfection, water quality for the residents of strict customs.

   On the other hand, with the growing awareness of peoples health, water purifier market began to catch on, it is favored by more and more consumers. Data show that sales of water purifier market in 2019 reached about 33.4 billion yuan. Water purifier can be both water quality depth filtration, purification, while water and other impurities may be removed to ensure the safety of drinking water.

   In recent years, the rapid development of water purification techniques, are becoming increasingly diverse filtration, comprising a coarse filter, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, activated carbon, reverse osmosis, etc., to meet different quality requirements. It is understood that the reverse osmosis water purifier is favored by the market, the product is very high proportion, 92%, also has a 1.5% gain.

   According to reports, mainly reverse osmosis water purification by reverse osmosis water treatment technology to filter out impurities in the water molecules other than water, but the minerals and trace elements will reverse osmosis filtration water filtered drinking water nutrients suffer. In order to further improve the water purifier filtration technology, through the tireless efforts of R & D personnel, nanofiltration water purification technology came into being.

   I was informed of an enterprise to develop true not only able to retain water purification nanofiltration original minerals and trace elements present in the water, but also can remove microorganisms with good chemical slightly polluted, and the active adsorptive separation microporous layer is less than 1 nm, the filter can effectively intercept a variety of viruses, particularly under the current epidemic, effective guarantee for the quality and safety of drinking water.

   Indeed, the concern is that, while the rapid development of the water purifier is also a series of problems, such as water purification equipment homogeneity, after-sales service is not in place and technical shortcomings highlighted. Since my countryMost of the water purifier ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technology, some key technologies rely on imports, product innovation is not strong, resulting in product homogeneity issues highlighted.

   Therefore, water purifier manufacturers to enhance product development, improve the technological content and innovation capacity, both key to change the traditional filtering techniques rely on imports of the situation, but also enhance personalized products, improve product market competition force to avoid falling into the homogenization of "vicious circle."

   Today, the water plant vigilant, to do the work of purification of drinking water, cut off the route of transmission of disease through water to ensure water security area, and has continued under the blessing of purification equipment checks, to win the epidemic Preventing "blocking action" to better hold the majority of the residents of water "lifeline."

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