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   from the "double 11" Carnival Festival, its fiery attention and sales, so many electricity providers see great potential, and even traditional manufacturing industries in the home building industry, sales of the battlefield from "below the line" open to the "line", "double twelve" how to prepare, water purifier electricity supplier you ready?

   "double 12" ahead then file

   from last year, the "double 12" large electricity providers have been laid out posture to promote the "double 11" convergence. However, compared with previous years, this years "double 12" warm-up earlier, usually only play a variety of "double 12 discount" shops and brand in early December this year in the "double 11" As soon as he finished, has been directly linked to the "double 12 in advance to enjoy preferential" signs up.

   this years "double 11", an unprecedented trend ignited the home building materials industry "net" warm, there are more than 10 brands of home building materials sales of over billion, of which "dark horse" emerging. Home textiles category, the Carolina textile sales to 190 million yuan won the championship. This years Lynx "double 11", the new division of the whole house custom categories, which, TATA doors from the sale ended at 12:00 on November 11, two-day cat store cumulative sales exceeded 140 million; 11 in Sofia 16:00 pm turnover reached 240 million yuan, the "double 11" day break 60 million yuan. Lin Wood furniture top three, Friends of the entire home, homely home sales are also broken million. Lynx home improvement industry this year are "double 11" blew the horn, Chong home improvement to 416 million yuan turnover over a dark horse. Lynx decoration design / construction / supervision industry turnover ranked the top three, respectively sitrust flagship store, flagship stores and home improvement e station decorated living flagship store, the corresponding sales were 4.01 billion yuan, 193 million yuan and 088 million yuan .

   Faced with such a good "report card", home building materials industry "double 12" of expectations can be imagined. In the same price dual 11 "Lynx home improvement" Taobao home has appeared at the venue, there were already a number of home building materials brands to enter, in the "double 11" quite good record of almost all brands in the column, "reproduction double 11", " "and other slogans impressively visible.

   "sea Amoy" significantly impact the electricity supplier

   Unlike in previous years, the strong impact of the "sea Amoy" electricity supplier is obvious. In previous years, Christmas big promotion in the "double"After that, this year, Thanksgiving brings" 12 Red Friday "to promote consumption was strong, and consumers expressed a considerable interest, which may be" one of the factors Dual 12 "launched in advance. [123 ]

   "in fact, the first generation of people Taobao is often the most closely follow the trend, as foreign electricity supplier website awareness increasing, the original pioneers of online shopping has turned to the sea Amoy", the industry said that online shoppers keen on the brand, "foreign goods" have been satisfied with purchasing, choosing instead to list directly in the foreign powers web site. "the main number is relatively small minority of purchasing brand is not much, but I prefer, Some buyers shop similar to the nature of the electricity supplier sites, "consumer Miss Yu said that some foreign powers Web site specifically connected micro signal can be" 0 service charge "on behalf of the orders, and their level of English decent friends have foreign electricity supplier site "private collection", this years "red Friday" promotional discount efforts ahead, "I found a lot of friends around the double 11 limited spending, but to promote the overseas big enthusiasm."

   However, home building materials after all commodities, because of logistics, the current "sea Amoy" is not common, consumers are more interested in clothing and beauty makeup category. However, faced with the "red Friday" the impact of domestic electricity supplier for the attention of consumers to pull back, had to "double 12" launched immediately, as one of the main categories of home building materials, had to keep up with the rhythm.

   while the "double 12" last fill goods

   since the "double 11", a number of shops and brands price is no longer going up. reporters browse some brands found that "together cost-effective" and buy promotions have become conventional projects, and many brands to "double 11" price involved, to achieve the perfect transition to the "double 12".

   "in the past very worried double 11 did not grab the goods on this village did this shop now will not "consumers Ms Chow told reporters, double 11 price continues more and more time, so buying mentality more relaxed," near the end of the year, sales will more and more, can see more . "and the idea is similar to miss Zhou, many consumers" double 11 "enthusiasm is still on the" double 12 "replenishment will not miss the opportunity, but also makes frequent promotional climax consumers a little" fatigue. "

  " 2 months chop hand is a little too much of, Really want to eat dust to the end of it, "Mr. Su said," double 11 "has put the stores goods are the store," my wife bought me all kinds of household goods could be used next year double 11 , double 12 leak filled up, will not purchase large scale. "

   as with the home store line" no promote not sell "online promotions home building materials industry increasingly routine . "double 11" promotion started by the end of the war, plus the usual routine promotion, to "double 12", the performance of the business end of the red line platform will not let go. but, it will make the normalization of promotion consumers increasingly difficult to be stimulated, home building materials industry is another problem to face.

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