November 5, on the line less than a month Macalline official flagship store, test the water in blessing Alibabas Taobao live a new high, single-game break to watch the number of 100,000, thumbs interactive near 400,000, reaching over 600 orders during live alone, that night is pull fans brand brush out one million large single.

   Macalline have evolved from simple line shopping under super flow field. With the further escalation of innovative marketing scene live online explosion models became the current mode of product marketing. After on-line Nanjing, Shanghai two city stations, Redstar test the water for the first time Taobao studio, three games were spectacular line in Nanjing, Shanghai on October 25, October 30, November 5 the broadcast. It has also become an important part of Redstar steady progress in 2019 days cat double 11 new ways of marketing.


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   On October 12 Meikailong & Ali Baba "2019 days cat double 11" Starting the conference, the two sides will be flashed the 2019 days cat 11 marketing double play "four batter." Among them, Taobao linkage Meikailong will live, open a new scene with a cargo content, has become the focus of two-day cat Meikailong 11 opener in the most outside attention.

   This form of live sell household products will become an important link in the exploration of innovative home sales, the Meikailong Nanjing, Shanghai two city stations on the line to try Taobao live. In the flow field output as a super brand endorsement drainage capacity under capacity, industry integration, global online and offline, content creation capability, membership operational capacity, the same below the national line-frequency execution capabilities, the ability to experience the scene, all data link operational capability while 8 large capacity, Meikailong will help in Alibaba, with the live form, enabling better household brand.

   in the future, Taobao live form will gradually become the norm, every shopping mall in Meikailong system, or even any one can become a store shopping guide Taobao anchor, will tip the global household goods show to live through Taobao more consumers.

   harvest flow and revitalize the private domain traffic

   increasingly expensive in the flow of the moment, with eight major drainage Meikailong weapon super flow field, to achieve full channel fancy "fishing", and for home branding private sphere flow field, with Taobao live prevalent form of the moment, intoFurther revitalize the private domain traffic.

   With Ali powerful online resources to support the joint Meikailong three live broadcast of human and professional home shopping guide, online viewing achieve cumulative number of 175,000, interactive thumbs up nearly 80 million times , ticket packages made up of single precision diversion 1400. In the rose pink rose pink and communities at the same time to further accelerate the official flagship store, Taobao has become a live online traffic to a new position Meikailong.



   which, in the studio on November 5, the five-year experience in gold shopping guide Peng live orange rain partner professional home live presenters Tim Wu, 14 gold merchants also fully participate live, Secret hidden in Wenshui mall explosion models 2019 Lynx double 11. Broadcast live more businesses go to the gold medal pull fans, general manager, general manager of the mall Macalline Shanghai Wenshui grandson system involved the whole point of the turntable lottery.


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   Redstar launch day only three minutes, watch the number on the break 5000. With a good user interaction effect, the broadcast real-time order 606 single, watch the number more than 100,000, interactive thumbs up to 389,000, pull the brush out more brand fans Million single.

   scene with a cargo of live interactive help

   In the case of the current value of Internet traffic has been repeatedly digging in, Redstar has been with eight major original high-quality content, helping household brand of super flow field precision seize the minds of consumers. Under the blessing live in the electricity business this new form of content and grass, from grass to the very short path between the harvest, the formation of other sales are unmatched new home with a cargo mode.

   rely on hand Amoy entrance exclusive live broadcast, live custom columns form a variety of online promotion, Ali Baba is the broadcast with a cargo of Redstar, provides a great help. It is worth mentioning that, in the live November 5, the Redstar Shanghai Wenshui mall launched a live egg "exclusive VIP shopping service spike", so that innovation has been reflected live, online traffic to the next line , for accurate flow conversion.



   The pre-sale stage three live in Shanghai, Nanjing, the Redstar a total of 38 co-brand recommended 80 models super explosion , commodities clicks over 70 times. The attempt to live, but also to LynxAnd two Meikailong online and offline platform for the home side to achieve more brand new ways of marketing and direct digital consumer potential customer contacts.

   Based on the initial success of the live form, Meikailong further strengthened the confidence to participate in the 2019 days cat double 11, further depth in the operation of private domain traffic, enabling the brand to achieve product effect one on marketing practices continuous efforts to live as a starting point to super flow field enabling domestic brand marketing operations to achieve higher dimensional new model. Redstar will accelerate future with Alibaba online, under the line of cooperation, integration, to achieve the same resonance frequency, to open a new situation in the new home retail.

   (Source: Pan-home ring - public number, invasion deleted)

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