Water purifier novice must-read business opations in ordto a

   In recent years, With the improvement of health and environmental awareness of peoples living standards, water purifier industry has entered the fast lane. It also attracted a large number of investors to join them, but they only see the good water purifier market prospects, but do not know the local market. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the following five points, the business will not detours.



   The first point: the demographic survey of local consumers, consumer awareness, purchasing power. Whether local water purification products are accepted, we accept the best, most accepted Fortunately, few people accept that to Shenru, not to say that not in, can only say that you want to open the market is a more difficult matter. If this is not accepted, it means that this place has not household water purifiers installed, gaps in the market, use of strategy development.

   The second point: to see the local water purifier brand many, there is no capacity market. Learn in-store sales, the best is in front of consumers to communicate with the staff to see how the store personnel repartee. If the verbal exchanges fluent, it indicates that the potential consumers still find many places, ask the clerk to several different stores of the problem.

   The third point: ask some of the stranger, the view of the water purifier, strangers language tends to be more real, even in the form of leaflets sent to investigate the market, the company water purifier identity of the sellers out of the accuracy of the information so obtained will be higher.

   The fourth point: light cleaning of the observed machine, bright cleanliness is better then the sales staff on product concern is high, traffic is good, if slightly old fashioned surface water purifier, then the traffic not very good, the sales staff can not make money, it also is a washing machine model to cope with the attitude.

   The fifth point: understand the local water quality, is too hard or partial dirty or excessive pollutants in the water, what kind of water purifier business is more appropriate.

   know these methods are not for business water purifiers mind more at the end of it? Really fit you are selling water purifier is basically suited to address local water pollution of water purifiers. If the local market is also OK, then you can try to do, and what must be carefully done, can not give up easily. Although things are difficult, as long as the intention to do will be rewarded.

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