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  With economic development, groundwater pollution situation is gradually increased, the quality of drinking water is more and more people worrying.



   With economic development, groundwater pollution have gradually increased, the quality of drinking water is more and more people worrying.

   and water is the source of life, water plays a very important role in the bodys metabolism, whereas todays heavy metal groundwater exceeded, E. coli exceeded, organic pollution, high chloride, etc. are subject to different degrees of pollution , pose a serious threat to human health.

   and thus for the health of your family, you need a home water purifier placement, help their families healthy drinking water. The water purifier market, many brands are here to recommend capitalists, the source of water purifiers.

  , the source of the water purifier purifying powerful

   For home water purifier optional primary purpose is to filter harmful elements and impurities in the water, so the water purifier to the filter system is important .

   is divided into the market purifier ultrafiltration reverse osmosis water purification and water purification, energy three kinds of water machine, water purifier different structure is not the same composition, are generally required fixedly mounted, which are not the same filtering effect.

   And, the source of the water purifier through technological innovation, designed to develop intelligent desktop water purifiers, water purifiers that are no longer limited in the kitchen.

  , the source of water purifiers on the purification function more powerful, equipped with a safe source of innovative multi-purification system, with step by step, gradual interception filter water quality optimization.

   wherein filtering techniques small water; pure hydrogen electrolysis can effectively isolate harmful substances, improve water quality rapidly generate high-purity hydrogen rich water;

   Meanwhile, the source of strontium-rich water purifier using mineralization filter, while pure water mineralization, add essential trace element strontium. Multiple filters to optimize water quality, more thorough purification.

  , the source of the water purifier human intelligence designed to move people

   For a conventional water purifier or a fixed installation Drinking water purifier, if you will also need to use hot water to drink electric kettle to boil water, or access has been heated to 100 degrees Celsius in boiling water on drinking water, let cool drink.

   but in daily life, for different brewing temperature of the water used in food is not the same, but the water temperature will have a significant impact on making the food taste and nutrients so.

   As the baby to drink milk generally needed to brew 45 鈩? 95 deg.] C is preferably used tea brewing water, tea taste better. Thus ordinary people to control the water temperature is difficult to do accurate.

   And, the source of the water purifier has a strong water intelligent control technology, temperature control can be achieved of 45 鈩?-98 鈩? 5 of a speed change stage thermostat, temperature control with ease, but also the quantitative control.

   An environmentally safe source of water purifiers use more confidence

   use a water filter is the original intention sake of health, drink safe water.

   However, generally cartridge purifier using a certain life, reduces the effects of a filter cartridge after use for some time, many families forget to replace the filter for a long time; impurities when the filter is saturated Shihai It may cause secondary pollution of drinking water.

   for this problem, the source of the water purifier has a filter life warning systems and TDS water quality monitoring system, will, the source of water purifiers and dedicated phone connection APP can keep abreast of raw water purifier, water purification TDS value; and the date, net water filter life history and circumstances.

   Meanwhile, the source of the water purifier for safe design is very good, leak-proof, leak-proof, anti-dry, water proof, anti steam, anti-overpressure, backflow Seventh detection protection system. Drinking water is more environmentally safe.




   Todays ubiquitous urban water pipeline of secondary pollution, while bottled pure water or distilled water can not provide a useful trace elements needed by the body, so choose a safe and secure water purifier is very necessary.




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