Now more and more families to install water purifiers, water purification technology for most people to understand is nothing more than activated carbon, RO reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration technology, but technology is so advanced now, water purification technology not only these alone.




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   magnetic water purifier water purification technologies

   magnetic water purifier appeared in the thirteenth century, and for the medical industry. Until the last century, the Belgians Wei Meilang make artificial magnetic device, magnetic water purifier world began to be accepted.

   is generated by the magnetizer magnetized purification. Structure of a magnetic fluid is magnetized magnet fixing device is assembled, the outer metal shell, both ends of the high-density fine machined nut. When the water flow through the intermediate water channel magnetizer affected strong magnetic field, the physical structure of the mineral water vary, fouling occurs to reduce heat fresh water, a similar function as the water softener.

   In addition, the magnetization will inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water, so that the death rate of water is greater than the heterotrophic bacteria proliferation rate, play a bactericidal effect.

   UV water purifier water purifier technologies

   UV germicidal already used in the food industry, commonly found in food engineering and disinfection cabinet. In recent years, it was discovered that certain ultraviolet wavelength band is capable of killing bacteria in the liquid, and is applied to the water purifier.

   UV water purification technology using an ultraviolet photon energy destroy viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic DNA structure water to various structural bonds in DNA breakage or photochemical polymerization reaction, to achieve sterilization effect . UV water purifier usually built a UV lamp occurs via a UV lamp center of UV radiation having a shorter wavelength of 253.7nm on the water flowing through the reaction chamber to sterilize.

   However, the UV lamp is a consumable device, end of life needs to be replaced. Note that expired UV lamp can not only sterilization, and may encourage the proliferation of germs.

   electrolysis of water purifier technologies

   as early as the beginning of the last century, scientists from various countries began to world-famous longevity village drinking water were studied by the Japanese developed the first water electrolysis machine.

   electrolysis of water and other water purification technologies biggest difference is: the electrolysis of water isUsing "electrochemical reactor" separating the positive and negative ions in water, thereby "making" was weak alkaline water, for cleaning a harmful molecules rather than the water. Furthermore, the electrolytic water was the negative potential, rich in active hydrogen, can be eliminated through the body born radical, antioxidant functions / effects of aging.

   drink to promote electrolysis of water, electrolysis of water will lead to heating the negatively charged ions and compounds lose their effectiveness, and an electrolytic water purifier must have a pre-filter means, electrolyzer itself does not have a filter effect.

   KDF water purification water purification techniques

   versus time before three, KDF to occur earlier, a wider range of applications. Although KDF very early, but until 1992 and applied by NSF certified home water purification industry.

   KDF purifier actually using different ratios of copper-zinc alloy by a chemical reaction of electron exchange with an oxidizing harmful substances in water, the harmful substances into harmless substances, and to achieve a certain reaction in the sterilization process effect. KDF water purification materials currently available in the market based on copper-zinc ratio divided into KDF55 (50% copper and 50% zinc) and KDF85 (85% copper and 15% zinc), wherein KDF55 more common, can effectively remove chlorine and water soluble heavy metals.

   Previous studies have pointed out that the output of zinc content KDF water purification water purifiers exceeded, may have an impact on the human body. But overall, KDF would be a good water purification program.

   We often say "existence that is reasonable", on-line evaluation of these water purification technology "gimmick than practical," is a kind of prejudice. Although these water purification way now is not very popular, but they also have a unique advantage. Water purification products in development to complex, who concluded that these loopholes water purification technology used in the future will not be a large area?

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