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concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, Lei Jun has a new toy, millet first experience water purifiers, water purifiers Europe Hui Pu teach you how to increase sales of water purifiers. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (7.20-7.26) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   Lei Juns first experience of the new toy millet purifier on the conference

   July 16, and Lei Jun in the final show was developed more than a year of water purification products, but also the price of butchers knife waving to as the deterioration of water environment and barbaric growth of the water industry. Earlier on multiple hardware category wristbands, mobile power, air purifiers and other, often by injection millet shares of the way to incorporate their own ecological chain, known as millet brand and design elements, ultra-low prices to the final market in the water purifier is no exception. [Click for more]

   European Hui Pu water purifiers teach you how to increase sales of water purifiers

   a lot of open water purifier store operators are confused, the majority of brands on the market, how to achieve an advantage, leaving consumers concerned about? this time, take a look at their own method of water purification products are not selling very simple, you can find a few friends to ask them. [Click for more]

   to see Hansi Dun water purification sector enterprises from the public good development

   Now, with the progress and development of society, more and more there is a net social responsibility water sector entrepreneurs recognize that improving the social welfare mission, not only conducive to long-term stability and prosperity of a country, you can also make your own water purification company better able to withstand a variety of risks and crises, so that the water purification company can be healthy and steady sustainable development . [Click for more]

   Wright told the agent when the agent trap water purifier encounter

   2015 water purifier market can be described as a meteoric rise, water purifier manufacturers have mushroomed take out, the water purification industry momentary fame. And the same time, water purifier manufacturers are all sorts of tricks from various quarters Xian Yi, hoping to attract the majority of franchisees to join the agencys own water purification products, but many of them there are all kinds of pitfalls. [Click for more]

   On how the net of the spring water purification agents franchisee to win female customers"Hearts"

   in the consumer market business, female consumers are becoming more and more high, the water purification industry is no exception, "men, women inside" is roughly the division of the traditional Chinese family, which it shows that women are the owners of the main shopping. Water purification agents to join one by one break for the female consumer decision-making ability becomes very important. [Click for more]

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