Water purifiers how many hidden deceptive trick

   slightly turbid tap water, poured into water purifier filter, flow out of the purified water is free of impurities, which is part of the market in the sale of the water purifier being promoted magic. The survey found that the current market water purifier brand up to hundreds of species, the price ranged from a few hundred to ten thousand. Purification publicity business is varied, pure water, water purification, water plasma, negative oxygen ions in water, and some even claimed that the purified water with a softening blood vessels and other effects. You really want to detect purifying effect, there are only Shanghai and Beijing, the two agencies can be detected. Industry sources say that our country has not developed uniform standards related to the production of water purifier, there are some regulatory gaps.


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   a hundred kinds of water purifiers scrimmage

   With the advent of the summer peak of drinking water, many people start shopping for a home water purifier, hoping to for everyday drinking family installed a "safety valve." Recently visited the Gome and Suning, B & Q and other shopping centers found that the current super-channel sales through the water purifier brand of dozens, in addition to professional equipment brands liters, other than Angel, etc., as well as imported water purifier brand love Hui Pu, Dalton, etc., in addition to the United States, may sound, nine positive and other cross-industry brands, TCL and other home appliances production of water purifiers. There are also many small brands of water purifiers agents to sell through its own door-to-door selling, or head, etc., add up all kinds of brand no less than 100 species.

   on the market in the sale of these water purifiers many concepts, some play "Kitchen water purification experts", the concept of "double membrane sterilization, two charcoal odor, KDF addition to heavy metals", and some claim that the use of nano-filtration membrane technology, pure crystal technology, and other technologies energy water, filtered claim to water, ionized water, water and the like negative oxygen ions. And even some sales staff said, they sell water purifiers make the water weakly alkaline, can help improve the bodys acidic, helping to "soften blood vessels, improve physical fitness."

   "Some businesses obviously exaggerated use of water purifiers." Engaged in more than ten years of water purification technology Guo Lei Qingdao liters of water purification technology company manager, realistically speaking, the current residents of the home water supply is in line with national drinking water standards. However, since the cell valves, water pipes falling deposited, plus a daily occurrence of burst water pipes, some water will rust, sand and other impurities, the main purpose of these impurities is a water purifier filter.


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   tens of thousand dollars, change the filter more expensive

   visited found that the current water purifier prices also differ markedly from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand range. In some electronics stores, fifty-six kinds of brands of water purifiers diverse, ranging from 780 yuan to 9800. Sales personnel, a lot of water purifier using a five filters, not only to filter sediment and other impurities, but also to eliminate the odor in the tap water. Water purifier whole year warranty, three-layer filter need 3-6 months to replace a cartridge. B & Q, a certain brand of water purifier sales staff told reporters, water purifier filter can be used for more than 3 years.

   "a general lack of public understanding of water purifier, love to take price to measure the pros and cons of water purifiers." Guo Lei introduction, this way, it is a lot of water purifier business for water purifier post-maintenance costs avoided, machine sales hit low prices to attract the public to buy. In fact, the core of water purifiers - cartridge needs to be replaced regularly, no matter what medium to use are easy to breed bacteria, not once and for all. Activated carbon filter typically short-lived, 3 months to 6 months, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis filter 1 to 2 years. The frequency of change and local water quality and frequency of use of water effects, generally ranging from six months to more than a year. Average All told, annual filter spend a few hundred dollars or a thousand dollars. "Seemingly cheaper to buy a water purifier, fell into a trap for the core." Guo Lei introduced.

   There are also businessmen claimed that the price of water purifiers as high as possible. "Our water purifier uses a reverse osmosis filter, are foreign imports, long life, and therefore more expensive." A water purifier sales agent even told reporters, less than 3,000 yuan a water purifier on the market does not have a purifying effect, it is recommended that they purchase a 7000 yuan correspondent of the latest domestic product, with automatic sewage functions, you can extend the life of the filter.

   In fact, the query data found that as early as 2008, adopted during the Shanghai World Expo liters of drinking water equipment can automatically sewage, vertical cross-flow technology, enabling devices to use three years or even longer.


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   false test hoodwink the public

   In addition to flicker consumers in terms of price and marketing tool, but some businesses will conduct some false test to attract the public. Road building materials market in Changsha, a water purifierIs the store staff on-site to demonstrate the water electrolysis experiments. Two cups of water after the experiment clear glass, a glass of muddy. The other said, experiments show that the presence of heavy metals in tap water, it is necessary to buy a water purifier can remove heavy metals. Similar water purification demonstration effect, but also show the number of stores in the Castle Lane.

   In fact, the Shanghai World Expo drinking water core technology inventor, vice chairman of China Film Industry Association Chen Lianggang told reporters, tap water calcium and magnesium ions is a iron bar electrolyte, anode electrolysis apparatus into the water, iron electrolytic iron hydroxide is formed after (gray), a divalent iron ion (green), ferric oxide (red-brown), tri-iron tetroxide (black); and pure water free of calcium and magnesium ions conductive, electrolysis does not occur reactions, it does not change color of pure water. If pure water with mineral water, mineralized water or put a little salt to do the experiment, the water will still be discolored.

   So, how water purifier on the market screening of it, can purify the water purifier to the effect of each testing authority? In this regard, Chen Lianggang said that the current stage of the water purification industry good and bad situation appears, in the final analysis there is no regulatory GB and the relevant functional departments of coercion. According to relevant regulations, my countrys water purification industry Sanitary permit filing system, "but the record of the result that the water purification industry to become regulatory vacuum area." If people want to verify purifying effect of water purifiers, currently only Shanghai and Beijing are the two agencies can detect, but higher testing costs, time-consuming but also relatively long.

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