Water Purifier Market Report 2017 Opportunities and Challeng

   In recent years, Chinas economy entered the L key figures GDP growth. 2016 first three quarters of GDP 52.9971 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.7%. Macroeconomic developments also affect the development of water purification industry. Survey data show that the income level of residents steadily improved the quality of life has brought significant improvement. At the same time, improve the income level, but also led consumers to health care, especially the large health investment. Currently, water purification equipment, every hundred urban households owned less than 10 volume sets, and washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and other ownership are hundred sets.



   2017 development trend of Chinas water industry

   a trend: the brand pattern of stabilization, and elimination exacerbate

   2016 development pattern will be further enlarged in 2017. Not to benefit more quickly from the water industry investment enterprises will gradually be eliminated, and some do not scale and financial strength of small businesses will gradually be washed out of the market.

   Trends: straight drinking water machine or called the new trend of high-end trend will continue

   on the future development trend of the market point of view, the rapid expansion of high-priced products. From a technical point of view, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration has basically alternative to the mainstream market, 2016 January-August retail sales share of reverse osmosis water purification equipment has been super-Qi Cheng; from the price point of view, as consumers of water purification equipment acceptance gradually, the average retail price of water purification products will continue to rise.

   In one aspect, intelligent and integrated will be further enlarged in 2016. And a combination of intelligent smart home water purifier is expected to become standard, many intelligent platform for the introduction of water purification equipment, intelligent control systems, or marketing.

   On the other hand, consumer spending on water purification products are no longer stick to price, more attention will filter replacement prompts, automatic cleaning function, closed-end filter, integrated filter, dual water, low-voltage start, real-time monitoring of water quality and water leakage protection, closed on additional functions, so the trend of high-end water purifier will be further enhanced.



   Trend three: high frequency stimulation, water purification products from non just need to "just be" transformed

   more and more green water purifier people respected, especially with the upgrade national quality, pollutionDye frequent thing, arousal and enhance the income of the users health awareness, water purifiers bound elastic demand for products from household necessities want to change.

   Trend four: water purifier market will scatter the transition to competition in the Red Sea competition

   As the water purifier market into more and more, the market will become crowded, with prospects for profit growth the bleak; the countrys emphasis on industry standards to deepen border water purification industry increasingly clear and unambiguous; competition rules are known (low-cost strategy or differentiation strategy), the current water industry is moving towards the Red Sea; brands only grab more market share and strengthen its competitive advantage in order to win the competition in the Red Sea.

   Trend five: the era of consumption upgrade, build brand influence the rise of new channels

   As they mature industry, enhance product awareness and consumer demand for water purifiers will experience from "select a product" to "select brand" this process rises, corporate brand influence will be the primary factor in the future of competition in the industry; how to stand out from the water industry Ebb Tide, rebuild the brand image is the main direction of future development of enterprises .

   Trend six: Channel Ebb Tide tends formal

   2017, the brunt will be will sell other special form of sales decline, and by a pin improvement will be in the form of exhibitions, night market and so will gradually replace the pin will become a new form of sales.

   but the daily routine sales is absolutely the main sales. The original aim of all sales channels and form must be close to the consumer experience demand exists for development.

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