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   As the saying goes: Some places have lakes. In the wave of inter-city competition for talent in today, human capital has become the core competitiveness of economic development. Traced people is the foundation of the city and its development of real estate market. However, migration from the citys resident population, urbanization rate and cited only increment and other variable region.


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   to sort out for the city cited only the policy, on the basis of an effective analysis of cases, the focus of urban economic development strategy and industrial areas of development, in fact, the demographic dividend, to bring more business opportunities. Home appliance market is no exception:


   First, appliances commercial space market opportunities for large

   in the citys economic development, from the industry point of view, the real estate industry is still the highest proportion in urban investment; secondly, information technology, financial services, cultural industries and technology service industries also account for a higher proportion. Therefore, household electrical appliance enterprises should focus on the commercial market force in technology services, information services, financial, cultural and creative, education, real estate and other industries.

   with urban industrial agglomeration, finance, real estate, cultural and creative, medical, e-commerce and other industrial base. Appropriate office space, increase office space, as well as an increase in furnished apartments, which will undoubtedly increase the demand for home appliances, should be cause for concern.

   Second, is the best way to explore the capital city from

   population flows to usher in a turning point, second-tier core population is gathered. People "close to employment, the nearest residence" demand is becoming strong, came back home was evident. Can provide good jobs have to be the capital city. Key explore Chengdu, Wuhan, Xian, Changsha, such efforts lead only to large urban potential.

   population flow driven by apartments, offices, finance, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other commercial prosperity. For the public to provide food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and other markets will be the highlight. Household electrical appliance enterprises such industry should explore the commercial market opportunities.

   Third: branded consumer electronics market with a high concentration

   along with top talent, experts and technical personnel of the introduction of high-income type, brand, and stress the quality of the consumer market began to take shape, the market development outcome: small brand in a short time can not make up for its lack of influence and lack of core technology, the big brands winThe largest possible market opportunities.

   From the market performance of the appliance industry structure point of view, consumer characteristics determine the scale of the industry. Finally, in the market must be the most market share to focus on "oligarchs" hands.

   In summary, the role of the network economy, accelerate technological innovation, consumption upgrade and other factors, home appliances enterprises, local conditions related industry development and layout. Give full play to their own advantages and regional advantages. Good selection of regional markets and the development rhythm of the control is very important.

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