The water ten regula wr purifiemarket

  The water ten regulate water purifier market time: 2017-03-09 00:05:01 State Council issued the "water ten" nearly month-long "water ten" - "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan", a total of 10 , 35,, 76, 238 specific measures and the measures are implemented in the relevant ministries body. The industry believes that the task of the measures can be implemented, the assessment can be accountable, "water ten" will promote Guanghui dream become a reality. As an ordinary household users, home water purification problems become issues they most immediate concern. In fact, long before the "Water 10" was announced, the authority of the domestic market survey agencies, including the PRC, Ovid, etc., it is unanimously optimistic about the market prospects for Chinas domestic water purifier. Orville cloud network data, industry awareness of water purifier quickly strengthened from 2013, an increase of 79.6%, in 2014 67% 2015 50% higher than the first quarter growth rate. By 2015, as the impact of lifting the ban of the property market, the increase in new enterprises, enhance water safety awareness, and many other residents of favorable factors, Orville cloud network water industry in 2015 will continue to maintain high growth momentum, which sales will reach 7.98 million units, an increase of 54.5%, sales amounted to 19.2 billion yuan, an increase of 59.4%. "A few years ago the water industry is still small industry, has now become the TOP category of small household appliances. Some time ago I look at the data, are to rise by several percentage points every day." In 2015 the US-South Korea summit in water purification, electrical Lynx City head of marketing, says ginseng leaves town. Experts predict that the future of our water purifier market is expected to form a 400 billion scale, it is the second air conditioning, most investment value of another solar industry. In recent years, increasing water pollution has been a serious threat to the safety of our drinking water, only in 2014, it has undergone a number of cities Changsha, Guangzhou and other water smell, Lanzhou water "benzene" pollution, ammonia Han River excessive and other events, coupled with peoples daily use of bottled water more often been exposed "black barrel" "colonies exceeded" and other quality problems, solve the drinking water problem without delay. However, my countrys current water purification industry is still in the incubation period of the Enlightenment period and consumer markets. Data show that my countrys urban home ownership rate in the water purifier is still less than 5%, compared with 70% of the gap between the poor European countries, the huge domestic water purifier industry development potential. Different from the traditional low-margin appliances,Water purification industry average profit margin of more than 50%. It is worth noting that the water purifier is the appliance industry rare "supplies industry", in addition to manufacturing profit margins and sales, but also to continue to get the service profit through the sale of filters and other supplies. For consumers, the sudden outbreak of water purifier, the rise of peoples health awareness. To the businessman, the just demand, profits, service charges, intelligent application, these are the dream of many enterprises to make money mode, and in the water purifier of this emerging category, they are born, and the growth is booming. Industry sources estimate the water purification industry is bound to usher in blowout in the last five years, the industry chaos expected to be further improved. At present, my country water purifier market due to lack of national mandatory standards and relevant functional departments of supervision, so the industry is soaring, long-abuse situation, until now the market has more than 4000 brands. An industry insiders: "To determine the current household water purification products together is the only way to unqualified query whether the brand has a wading health permits issued by the Ministry of Health, also known as water purifiers Health this document." "Although China has also formulated relevant standards, but because of the complexity of the treatment, a number of standard uncontrollable, and set out the standard is not necessarily entirely reasonable. "Secretary-General of China Association of Gu water industry legend for a long time, as consumers raise awareness, low-end OEM will gradually be abandoned water purifiers, water purification industry in the future will gradually centralized. With the United States and other brands to enter, specializing in water purification brands, such as Wright will start to concentrate force, the next few years the industry will experience a wave of mergers and acquisitions, completed intensive and standardized brand market. Targeting current problems affecting the safety of the water, "Water 10" was announced right time. The inflow of poor environmental quality, heavy damage to aquatic ecosystems, water purifiers businesses have a responsibility and obligation to provide consumers with better, healthier water purification products to create different water quality in line with Chinas water purification product difference, really defend consumer home health drinking water, rather than to take advantage of the current water purifier market hot "fish in troubled waters", the sale of low-quality products at low prices to consumers, but only to immediate interests, rather than seeking long-term value, which for consumers and the enterprise itself, is extremely harmful and irresponsible.

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