Water purification agents to join iorder to bettaddress cons

鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘浠g悊鍟嗚В鍐虫秷璐硅€呴渶姹傛墠鑳藉仛濂戒骇鍝侀攢鍞? width= is now water purifier brand dazzling, rapid development of the market allows consumers to consider more and more choices when buying a home water treatment devices, more and more demanding; and as a water purifier for agents to join , to do water purifier sales will naturally have to face two challenges: the

First, competition in the local market, now a city of just under one hundred brand might not, but it is not a second-tier cities He said;

   Second, consumer demand is high, do water purifier to join friends for some time will have such a feeling, the more market, more consumers not wait. Sales is a diverse field, many methods and details businesses need to grasp. Here, we come from the consumers point of view to talk about how to do water purifier sales agents, right.

   water purifier brands on the market there are dozens, the price from a few hundred to ten thousand have, good and bad quality? Factors consumers consider mainly around water purifier which is good tempo, then in the purchase of water purifiers what time will generally consider it

   first, look at the product structure; the structure of the product is mainly because these factors lead consumers have to consider in the purchase of:? 1 , the product structure of how to determine the overall aesthetics of the product, after all, as household products, consumers want to buy their own products can make some embellishment warm home; 2, how about the structure of the product is also related to security issues, because the market there are a lot of consumers to buy the product water leakage, so consumers do not want to accidentally stealing it.

   Second, from a technical core aspects; focused on the filter, and now want to buy a home water purifier consumers have been relatively more concerned about the core components of the filter, and the filter basically represents the strength of the manufacturers a.

   Third, concern for the quality of their homes to buy what kind of product; meaning more and more consumers to buy a water purifier products essential knowledge: local conditions. Because our water quality is more complex, even a city are likely to experience a variety of water quality, and water purification products is divided into a variety of functions, each function can solve any kind of water consumers know little about, but for their own homes the water was not very understanding.

   In summary, we can be summarized as consumers there are still many doubts at the same time there is a demand, then our water purificationIs joined agents friend must first meet these needs, we will recommend products to consumers, so that we can complete the sale.

   to solve the problem of product structure: for example, you have the product in the shape What are the advantages, why this design, is what kind of truth; worried than most consumer water machine large power consumption, here Mai developed countrys first non-electric water machine RO-G, the machine has leakage protection device that can intelligently detect function and found that the machine will automatically have leaking water and electricity.

   to solve technical problems: it is technically possible through some small experiments to show consumers like, alone your mouth and say, after all, unwarranted, and only allow consumers witnessed to be believed.

   solve the water problem: You can start with the consumers home, demographic composition, usually water water quality in conjunction with local comprehensive set of home water purification program, so that to provide services to consumers from a professional perspective , naturally more likely to win the trust of consumers.

   according to their years of market experience summary: in the water purification industry, we want to do a water purifier products agents joined, all must proceed from the needs of consumers, only to what consumers want products that is the correct decision.

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