Pros and cons of water purifier


   pros and cons of water purifier, we all know that, no matter what things are good or bad, water purifier is no exception, the same distinction is also advantageous and disadvantages, the following small series in high spirits the next.


With the increasing standard of living, emphasis on the health of the people is rising, drinking, eating is not just limited to feed their families, green, healthy, become pure measure of quality of life, with people drinking raise awareness of health, water purifiers and become everyday household necessities. So how tap water was safe to drink it? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point, the pros and cons of water purifier is like, say, the next below.


first to science knowledge about water purifiers on the market today can buy a water purifier filtration technology is the best five filters, some people will say I have seen 10, 20 of , etc. this will explain. It is through the first five stages are meltblown filter (typically a polypropylene material), pre-activated, the second stage melt-blown filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and the activated carbon, in addition to the first stage of the water is rust, sand large stone particles, the second level is used to adsorb chlorine, humus, disinfection byproducts, odor and heterochromatic material, further removal of small particles third stage, chlorine, colloids, etc., the fourth stage is the key, trans permeable membrane diameter of 0.1 nm, is bacterial 1/4000, 1/200 infectious virus, can effectively remove bacteria, heavy metals, pesticide residues, the fifth stage for adjusting the active carbon taste, purely to keep fresh.


This is the main filtering five, five using this process is called reverse osmosis machine, is now on the market there is a machine ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membrane is an ultrafiltration membrane transducer, but ultrafiltration accuracy is generally 0.01 to 0.2 micron, a reverse osmosis ratio and everyone knows who good filtering effect (1 micrometer = 1000 nanometers), I recommend ultrafiltration unit used in place of mineral water sources, it is suitable for processing mineral water, because you want to keep minerals. For water, the water ultrafiltration treatment can wash rice vegetables, drinking is not recommended, because the bacteria do not get rid of heavy metals. Some people would say that there is no water reverse osmosis minerals, mineral supplements our bodies how ah? In fact, the human body every day a limited amount of water, the mineral content of the water is more limited, mineral supplements like drinking alone by Master Kong braised beef noodles in the dehydrated vegetables, like vitamin supplements, it is not enough, so it is stillRely on food, vegetables, ah, ah fruits, cereals ah, etc., ad book says spa is just a gimmick, it is not enough to pay for a small point minerals to the beans.


Above is Xiaobian About filtered tap water, drinking more families to do in small knowledge of this site.




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