Water purifier market aft90 grasp of consumpsychology is not

   water purifier enter the Chinese market has more than ten years time, but the water purifier consumer groups are 70, 80, 90 but less after consumer groups. With 90 young men took to the workplace, to participate in the operation of various industries and even become the subject of staff, then how to make the 90 interest in this aspect of water purifiers, water purification industry in how to "beat generation not Beat "no" collapse ", which has become a major problem.

   after Chinas 90 not only has the idea of 鈥嬧€媐ree-spirited, always at the forefront of technology, but also optimistic about the future. Although it has been criticized after 90 ideas on how to fall, how deviant, how does it help, or even say they are "Beat Generation", but in fact, now 90 but with his own actions prove the "full of vitality, the courage to act generation "is their social image, which has gradually got a lot of people.

   want to conquer such a group, water purifier sales to be sure to correctly grasp the 90 groups of consumer psychology.

   a: water purifier sells healthy attitude towards life. This is a very important location for 90 terms. Mood after the 90 rich, the pursuit of quality of their lives, they focus on their own life experience, so the water purifier sales in publicity may prefer to locate on healthy living, positive and healthy attitude to attract consumers.

   Two: water purifiers do their own first. 90 is a new thing all have great curiosity for people whose high for the pursuit of innovative products, a process that is actually the pursuit of self-proclaimed. Maybe after 70, 80 will be on some kind of new product features conservative views, but 90 more willing to try new things. So water purifier in terms of performance, appearance, and other materials can do more to try something new, its better to attract the eye 90. If this is not the first in the water purification industry, the first to do it at some details.

   three: water purifier and the interaction of consumers. Now a lot of water purifier brands on the market, whether in high or low, in terms of publicity some of talking, are one-sided propaganda of their own positioning and selling points, intentionally or unintentionally, are rejected with consumers communication, consumer, and thus do not stand together. While 90 is very focused on the crowd interaction and communication, and they want to be able to sell back or tell manufacturersRetailers, so pay attention and consumer communication.

   four: the use of new media. 90 take classes after 80, become the main force of the Internet and Internet consumption, and wants to increase effective communication, "90", and this is the network communication tool. Water purifier must be done to promote and sell on the Internet, to be familiar with a variety of network terminology, seize the psychological after 90 consumers.

   V: product quality is the key. Anyway publicity, product quality is always the top priority. Product quality is not good, no matter how good publicity even if no one will buy. Product quality is their life today, product development and quality has become a fundamental guarantee of a business foothold in the market. Decide the merits of the product quality of life of the product, as well as the development of the companys fate. No quality there is no market, quality is the last word! Purifiers must pay close attention to quality!

   psychological want to make water purification products in 90 this regard, it is necessary to understand this population and ideas, so as to better open up the market, leading consumers to buy.

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