Unscrupulous vendors posing aimported water purifier watrifi

  Unscrupulous vendors posing as imported water purifier water purifier, real to the enemy Hits: 3031 Date: 2013-08-19

   unscrupulous vendors posing as imported water purifier water purifier, real to the enemy

   [123 ] remind consumers; not to foreign water purifier think how good, how to choose for your own home water purifier, in addition to teach you how to identify whether the water purifier is counterfeit.

   Experts suggest four ways consumers can query the official website of the brand, such as customs import declaration, to identify whether imported water purifier is counterfeit. Profile picture

   reporter Zhang Huidong


   Reporters learned that the market survey, there are miscellaneous brands, the price of chaos, of varying quality and other water purifier market chaos, many consumers buy high-end imported net water heater. Due to the high import water purifier manufacturing costs, customs duties and other costs, the price than similar domestic products to be much higher, prompting some domestic production or assembly of water purifiers, posing as imported goods into the market. In this regard, the relevant water purification experts advise consumers can query the official website of the brand, the customs import declaration, etc., to distinguish true and false.


   complaints: water purifier assembly posing imported goods


   "For worrying for drinking water quality, buy a high-quality imported water purifier, use and found it actually parts domestic production and assembly. "a few days ago, this newspapers hotline received complaints from the public Mr. Zhang.


   Reporters learned that the current water purifier market lucrative, low barriers to entry, some of the departments did not get the approval of small business through production or assembly parts water purifiers, posing as foreign brands, and then on the market at a higher price, make huge profits. The presence of such chaos and the part of consumers about the blind pursuit of foreign brands that foreign technologies and products than to domestic security, everyone knows, some domestic sales of imported water purifier is some foreign unmarketable, even with the phase-out of production technology Water Purifier.


   Survey: high-end water purifier into the mainstream


   reporter visited the market learned that the current domestic sales of high-end water purifier includes liters, Patio,Beauty brands; including the United States imported brands Kainaidike, Germany BWT, etc., these high-end brands generally use ultrafiltration water purification machines, RO water purifier, pre-filter, the central water purifier and water softener machine components , in addition to purify water, but also to improve the quality of water purification.




   reminded: "four strokes" identify water purifier "Li Gui,"


   for some water purifier on the market at present through the production or assembly of imported counterfeit goods phenomenon, Changsha appliance Chamber of Commerce related to water purification experts to identify genuine consumer "four strokes."


   The first one, the consumer prior to purchase imported water purifier can be to identify the brands official website to query, to determine its authenticity, do not outperform side of the story distributors and promoters.


   The second measure, when consumers buy imported water purifier, may require businesses to issue a customs import declaration, and be sure to look at the declarations stated on the water purifier is a machine imports, or accessories imports; individual models imported water purifier is still a full range of imports.


   The third measure, in foreign countries, water purifier is mainly sold through chain stores and building materials stores two channels, consumers can search for stores selling imported brands of water purifiers through Google Maps origin of geographic coordinates. In general, the foreign chain stores do not have a water purifier brands and more than imported brands, the best-selling brand or not.


   The fourth one, if conditions permit, consumers can also contact relatives or friends abroad to understand the real situation in the field of production and sales of imported water purifier business.


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