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people are drinking every day, but because of their common and neglected. In recent years, with the rapid development of urban, industrial pollution, agricultural pollution, domestic pollution and other water brought to life a great threat. Chinese Academy of Sciences released national conditions research report: China 532 investigation pollution of rivers carried out show that 436 rivers have been polluted to varying degrees. China eutrophic lakes to reach the level of more than 63.6%. In densely populated areas of China, lakes and reservoirs have all been contaminated. At present my countrys rural areas are about 190 million people substances in drinking water harmful exceeded, concentrated in urban sewage discharge, water purification capacity beyond the grave. Water pollution has become a human health invisible killer! Now water pollution has come to help but we do not pay attention to the point where!


water pollution and disease


Medical experts recommend to protect the health should concern every cup of water in daily life begins. 2/3 human tissue composed of water. Water is an important material to maintain the bodys physiological and metabolic activities. You must ingest 2-3 liters of water a day to maintain basic life activities. If sufficient water, blood, lymph circulation, the body can effectively absorb food nutrients, and excess substances such as toxins excreted.


long-term safe and clean drinking water can bring health and longevity, while drinking unclean water, especially water polluted by heavy metals, it will cause a lot of terrible disease. According to the World Health Organization survey, 80% of human diseases related to water, poor water quality can cause a variety of diseases. World Health Organization survey showed that: 50% of child deaths worldwide is due to drinking contaminated water caused 25 million children a year die from drinking contaminated water caused by the disease, there are 1.2 billion people around the world and from drinking contaminated water suffering from various diseases, people died every day due to water, there are five million and more. In developing countries, 80% of cases and a third of the deaths are due to unclean drinking water caused. my country also has 500 million people from drinking unhealthy water led to illness and death each year.


The main pollutants in tap water into the following categories:


1, suspended solids: sand, rust, visible objects


2, microorganisms: Bacteria , cases toxic, algae, etc.


3, was dissolved inorganic: calcium carbonate, magnesium, sulfate, chloride, nitrate


4, heavy metals: mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.


5, organics: pesticides, fertilizers, various types of industrial solvent, dyes, detergents, disinfectants [123 ]

   6, radiation particles: particle radiation generated in the nuclear industry and nuclear medicine


   in addition to current water plant industrial water, city water to the remaining three civil strictly monitored, and sprayed into the tube before the disinfectant, so as to achieve health indicators issued by the State in terms of color, turbidity, smell and taste and so on. This point of view, water is the health and safety of drinking water. In real life, however, we still often see the muddy, smelly water. Perhaps we invisible impurities in it. Water purification is easily disturbed by various factors, such as weather, human reasons and the like; secondary pollution of water is another main reason. Dilapidated water distribution network, high-rise buildings of no long-term storage and other clean-up of secondary pollution of water and have become important problems.


   At present, my country uses the traditional water treatment technology has been used for nearly 200 years, including coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, chlorination and other processes. ; It can only remove some of the suspended solids, colloids and some bacteria. And tens of thousands of chemical pollution and other pollutants produced by modern industrial water quality impact, but it seems powerless. The impact of this pollution on the human body is a potential, long-term, tremendous. Especially the currently used "chlorination process," the residual chlorine and organic matter in water of the water reaction of chloroform, the World Health Organization has been identified as a carcinogen severe.


   In the face of increasingly serious water pollution problems, our water treatment process, still in use decades: "precipitation, filtration and chlorine disinfection" approach, such a simple water treatment process, you rest assured that drink?


   for "chlorine", let us know a few questions:


   1 is currently the main form of water disinfection What?


   A: Chinas current water purification methods: chlorine disinfection; the worlds developed countries and regions water purification way: ultraviolet and ozone disinfection technology.


   2. What is chlorine?


   A: The yellow-green chlorine, a strong smell of asphyxiating, poisonous gases. It is a strong oxidizing agent, carbon dioxide can be formed in contact with phosgene, can be liquefied under high pressure isChlorine, in the form of white smoke in the air, easily soluble in water, alcohol and ether, the aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid is called.


   3. Why add chlorine in tap water?


   A: The water was supposed to be a hygienic and safe drinking water, but because of environmental pollution, resulting in a large number of breeding bacteria and other harmful substances in water, in order to suppress and kill bacteria in the treated water process was added chlorine.


   4. chlorine on the human body, what harm?


   A: Chlorine serious harm to humans, it can stimulate the eyes, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract. Cause acute pulmonary edema and pneumonia, paralysis of the respiratory center can be high concentrations, a "blitz death." Long-term inhalation of low concentrations of chlorine can cause chronic poisoning, resulting in large amounts of free radicals in vivo, accelerate aging rate. The main condition is rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cirrhosis, atherosclerosis, and even cancer.


   After the heat-chloro chloroform and other carcinogenic substances in water with an organic detritus.


   5. What is the impact of chlorine-containing water to wash vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.?


   A: Chlorine will destroy the fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the grain, seriously affecting the bodys absorption of nutrients.


   6. Chlorine is how to enter the human body?


   A: for chlorine in tap water, such as any of the skin, nose, mouth, lungs, hair, eyes, fruits and vegetables, meat dishes oxide surface layer has pores, it is easily and rapidly absorbed.


   7. Why Chlorine is easily absorbed through the skin?


   A: Because the human skin surface around the pores and sweat glands, at the moment of contact with the water, chlorine can easily through the fine pores of the skin is absorbed into the human body.


   8. Long-term use of chlorine-containing water bath, what harm?


   A: a bath with tap water containing free chlorine, total chlorine in Forty per cent of the bathroom via inhalation, three to be absorbed by the skin, is usually enters the human body by drinking chloro 6-8 times , the light resulting in itching, over the middle-aged cancer rates will increase 30%.


   9. Why more dangerous after the water boil?


   A: The water to be boiled, heated with water after the organic chlorine rotQuality chloroform and other carcinogenic substances, trichloromethane than 3 to 4 times increase in the water, chlorine can be removed if we are daily drinking coffee, tea or soup, the drink boiled by heating; i.e., our in vivo 3 to 4 times increase in the carcinogen.


   10. The long-term consumption of water containing chlorine can lead to what disease?


   A: heart disease, coronary atherosclerosis, anemia, bladder cancer, hepatoma, colorectal cancer, hypertension, and allergy symptoms.


   11. Chlorine children what harm?


   A: When a child with tap water bath, leaving the hair to produce dry chlorine fracture bifurcation, the skin will be bleached, and the shedding of the skin layer produced itchiness of psoriasis allergies; as chlorine and organic compounds, such as perspiration when interaction, likely to cause ambient air in the formation of nitrogen trichloride, which is very easy to damage the eyes and throat; post-chloro lungs by inhalation, respiratory damage cells (Clara cells), leading to the lungs and asthma emphysema.


   12. Chlorine for pregnant women has what harm?


   A: Pregnant women drinking tap water containing chlorine cause fetal heart, lung growth impact, may lead to neonatal cardiac arrhythmia, heart failure, and pulmonary dysfunction.


   13. Chlorine for the elderly what harm?


   A: can lead to atherosclerosis, heart failure, atherosclerosis, heart disease, bladder cancer, hepatoma, colorectal cancer, high blood pressure.


   14 minerals and trace elements are necessary for cell metabolism material.


   A: Once the lack is likely to cause death cell metabolism slows down, causing large-scale death of aging will inevitably affect the normal function of the body, and because these little old cell death are difficult to metabolize out of the body, leading to accelerate human aging, blockage , spots, and even larger lesions, cancerous tumors will slowly formed.


   the face of people do not trust the water, and now more and more people choose to drink a vat of water, bottled water and cell purification. Three similar water equipment of water, according to the survey more than 90% pure water, i.e., water-free or contain only trace minerals.


   Shanghai Municipal Government stressed that students will be prohibited from drinking water


   CCTV news "purer the water should not be more healthy."


   this news let us think of:


   on pure water, in 2000 a sensation throughout Shanghai water events.


   of the story is this:


   In 1997, a pair of highly educated couple gave birth to a baby boy, in order to give their children and create a healthy environment for the growth, so from their birth son that day to buy a vat of purified water for cooking, drinking. Three years later, their son had rickets, but intelligence is not developed, three years old will not call Mom and Dad, multi Xunyi unsuccessful. This highly educated couples through the water to get to know Chinese Academy of Sciences physiologist Professor Jin sunlight, giving them crack a mystery: everything is the fault of pure water. Professor Jin pointed out that sunlight pure water two fatal flaws:


   First, pure water is also called "poor water", not only because pure water does not contain any trace elements, and it nourishes all the bodys life-ionized water also removed, this water, the more fluid the more acid drink. Healthy persons body fluids PH value between 7.35-7.45, when a person PH value dropped to 7.3 or less, is a typical sub-health (check not sick, but many parts of the body uncomfortable); if the value falls below a neutral PH 7.0 , has been a major disease patient, down to 6.8-6.9 became a vegetative state, down to 6.8 or less, life can not exist. So, the more pure drinking water, body fluids more acid. The more acid the body fluid self-healing and cell replication genes worse, the slower the self-repair, a sharp decline in the immune system.


   Second, because water carries a variety of information, to produce energy, all substances in the water are removed, but the waters memory has not completely erased, then the water came to the human body, it is found to be deprived of All trace elements are everywhere in your body, so the water will bring the body a lot of various trace elements, calcium, zinc, magnesium and other metabolic removal, so that the body is not only nothing to add to minerals and trace elements, but minerals and trace elements useful part of purified water to the body also in vitro.


   At this point in the future, the Shanghai Municipal Government stressed that students will be prohibited from drinking water. In fact, most developed countries have a law many years ago, pure water can not enter the drinking water.


   Usually we only know that animals and plants have the aging process, in fact, the water will be aging, but aging water harmful to human health. According to research fundingMaterial shows that water molecules are the main chain structure, if the water is not being hit, that water is not always in motion, but when the rest, this chain structure will continue to expand, extend, it becomes known as the "stagnant water", which is the aging of the aging water. Now many barrels or bottled pure water, drinking from the factory to the middle often be stored for a long period of time. Barrels or bottled drinking water, the state is still stored more than three days, it will become aged and aging water, it should not be drinking.


   minors, such as drinking more than three days of storage barrels or bottled water will make cell metabolism slowed down, affecting growth and development, while the elderly often become bottled drinking this kind of water or aging bottled water, it will accelerate aging.


   In recent years, many parts of esophageal and gastric cancer incidence increased, experts suggested that may be related to drinking such water-related aging, studies show that had just been extracted, in a state of deep well water often strike movement, every l nitrite containing only 0.017 mg, but stored for 3 days at room temperature, rises to 0.914 mg, the original does not contain sodium nitrite in water, stored at room temperature after one day, per liter of water will produce 0.0004 mg nitrite , increased 3 days after 0.11 mg, 0.73 mg and up to 20 days, whereas nitrite may become carcinogenic nitrosamines.


   refers to experts, my countrys water pollution problems highlight, water pollution treatment no quick fix in a short time it is difficult to grasp the dilemma in the next two or three decades. The traditional way of drinking water and there is a big limitation, how can people drink safe and reliable water? Experts said the installation of water purifiers is the most safe drinking water solutions.


   the face of increasingly serious water pollution problems, ten sets of CCTV broadcast on the topic "into the science, safety of drinking water torture" program, host Zhang Tengyue to consumers strongly recommend:


   in under existing conditions, we want your health to drink safe water, in fact it is not difficult, it is to their own homes fitted with a water purifier!




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