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  US Bangdeng Wu multiply: water purifiers feature is not overwhelming need to focus on the quality of water purification more time: 2017-02-25 18: 41: 032017GDWate Guangdong International Water Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Guangdong Water Show) in 2017 3 July 5 morning in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo officially kicked off. The exhibition scale reached 35,000 square meters, has a "water purification end zone," "membrane and water treatment area", "sewage treatment area," "pump control valve Zone" and other four major advantages themed areas. More than 800 quality exhibitors gathered in this exhibition Guangdong water, bring to the audience the latest water technology equipment and solutions. 閭︾櫥缇庡浗閭︾櫥鍦ㄥ箍宸炴按灞曚寒鐩? United States Bangdeng exhibition debut at the Guangzhou water purifier HC network as a water purification industry professional media, invited to participate in 2017, Guangdong Water Show, the three-day extension to do the whole distance on the Water Show the follow-up reports. HC clean water network on the current situation and development of the water industry Bangdeng Fujian Environmental Protection Technology Co. investment manager Ms. Wu had an exclusive interview multiply. 閭︾櫥 Bangdeng Fujian Environmental Protection Technology Co. investment manager Miss Wu Jiasheng accept the HC network interview Miss Wu Jiasheng water purifier, said the Guangzhou Water Show 2017 as the first major professional water show, its influence is enormous, the exhibition but also a way to promote water purifier business is valued, the companies will take advantage of this new opportunity to showcase new technology, expand brand awareness. This year, the United States imported Bangdeng flagship product for the Chinese consumer services: the United States original quality, professional technology a century, medical health standards, the overall solution. Meanwhile, Miss Wu Jia take the view that the development of water purification function can not be overwhelming, water quality is the ultimate goal. US Bangdeng promote quality, the use of water purification industry-leading filtering technology: Activated carbon OMNIPURE technology, extrusion sintering without using any adhesive, Britain imported parts, lead-free non-pressure faucets, water purification safe for consumers . Improve the quality of life is the driving force of the market demand for statistical information based on year-end 2016 data platform major discovery of water purifier hot areas are mainly concentrated in second-tier cities, where the reverse osmosis water purifier online market can be described as a dominant , Miss Wu Jiasheng, said a second-tier cities is relatively high living standards, peoples quality of life demands enhanced so that the water purifier market development faster, but national attention to water pollution will gradually radiate diffusion, promote clean water as a green consumption, expanding clean water in three or four lines cityCity and water purification market in rural areas, improvement of peoples drinking water safety, improve quality of life. Second, high-precision reverse osmosis membrane, although no harmful substances with beneficial pure filtered water, but in the present case the safety of drinking water threatened, water quality and more secure. Therefore, compared ultrafiltration water purifiers, reverse osmosis water purifiers and more popular. Future planning water industry is a huge market prospects, and therefore more funds and industry giants to enter the industry, prompting more competitive, Miss Wu Jiasheng, said the United States Bangdeng enter the Chinese market late, has been in pre-test the water stage, the 2017 US headquarters operations center will cooperate with China in full swing Chinese market, the goal is to layout each city, set up 1000 outlets for the Chinese consumer services. 绂忓缓閭︾櫥鐜繚绉戞妧鏈夐檺鍏徃鎷涘晢閮ㄧ粡鐞嗗惔瀹朵箻濂? src= Bangdeng Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Environmental investment manager Miss Wu Jiasheng about US Bangdeng American Bangdeng water purification (BANG.DPUREWATERUSA) jointly established by the United States ELITE water purification Limited (ELITEPUREWATERUSA, INC) and the United States BD, headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. ELITE founder Carl since 1908, set up water purification research and development team, more than a hundred years of accumulated deep field of water purification. Elite relying on a century of professional technology and BD robust production management experience, US Bangdeng clean water to form a field of water purification technology, is committed to meet the water needs of the global health of people of different skin color. US Bangdeng water purification officially entered China in 2013, China set up operations center in Xiamen. According to Chinas water quality characteristics and consumer habits, the United States Bangdeng its professional water purification water purification technology, medical health standards and the spirit of ingenuity hundred years, to provide a safe and healthy high-quality water purification solution for Chinese consumers.

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