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  Now the domestic development of water purification industry very quickly, water purifier market competition is very fierce, many water purifier brand, good and bad quality. When consumers face an array of water purifier market, often perplexed. That kind of how water purifier can really suitable water purification needs of their families do? Should start from the following three points, one work, and second, the material and the third is the brand.

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   from the numerous water purifier brand, grasp the above three points, can be a good choice you want water purifier.

   First lets talk about work. From work, we have to look polished water purifier welding points. Polished stainless steel water filter is good or bad, a direct impact on the life of a water purifier, why do you say? Outer cylindrical stainless steel water purifier is 304 stainless steel, in theory a decade will not rust. However, due to the high temperature solder, the material itself has changed, if polishing is not in place, through the erosion of smoke in the kitchen, may soon rust. Once the rust if wear, the life of the water purifier will end. Second, look at labels and packaging, a good water purifier brand, should pay more attention to detail, if the packaging and labels are doing well, and that the product is not much better.

   From the material point of view, many people find it very difficult. It is not difficult. Water purification material is 304 stainless steel, and if not, then life is certainly no guarantee. How to identify it? Actually very simple, you take a magnet suck at it. Withdrawing 304 to live.

   is selected from the brand. We have a way to understand how this kind of brand that qualification. All qualifications inside, others are clouds, money can buy, and what the top ten brands, health and longevity recommended products. The most important qualification is Health this document, the Ministry of Health approach, is a production license. If you do not guard approved product that is certainly no guarantee. How do I know that a product has no health grant it? Look certificates? Then you OUT, and consequently can now PS P. You can go online to search, mobile Internet so convenient, you direct a check on it. If not found, it is certainly not wanted. Except in one case, Wei batch replacement, then you can ask him to account inquiries, account inquiry if not, it is certainly no health grant. This product is no job security, can not be.

   With the growing water pollution, household water purification has become a necessity, for family and selfOwn health, hope that the consumer is still going strong big shopping malls to buy quality, technologically advanced water purifier brand, to create a better and healthy family life.

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