Stainless steel cup harm


   stainless steel cup in the market usage is very frequent, but because there are a lot of news exposure hazards stainless steel cup, stainless steel cup so the disadvantages of those?




cold winter weather, a lot of peoples cups has become a stainless steel vacuum cups by the glass. However, some say that stainless steel cup harm a lot of exposure on television, have a great impact on physical health, then the stainless steel cup disadvantages are those? Tell you about.


can not put a stainless steel cup of tea, salt water, milk, soy milk, coffee, orange juice, which are acidic, and contact with stainless steel cup, there will be heavy metal chromium, harmful to health.


is preferably not used to make tea stainless steel cup, not only that, Youyanjiangcu better not to use stainless steel containers full bloom. Tea contains a variety of chemical components, chemical reaction with stainless steel tea cups occurs, produce called "chromium" and its compounds, such chemicals can damage the skin and cause dermatitis, pharyngitis; damage to the respiratory system, causing pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases; excessive intake, can lead to serious kidney failure and even cancer.


After detailed knowledge of the above, for the above-mentioned small household drinking water have a detailed understanding of knowledge, you can know some of the proper ways to use stainless steel cup, like what cup to drink water most safety knowledge all need to focus on timely.




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