鍥藉鍑€姘磋涓氭爣鍑嗗寲绠$悊濮斿憳浼氬贰瑙嗗憳閭撶憺寰枫€佽祫娣变笓瀹堕【涔呬紶绛変竴琛岃巺涓存硥鏉ュ叕鍙稿弬瑙傛寚瀵? style=



May 12, 2015 National Standardization Administration of water purification industry inspector Dengrui De, water purification industry veteran Gu Chuan long time, Chinese Academy of household appliances water purifiers performance research and testing Center, Ren Dengzhe and his party to Tsang Tak to the Shenzhen Industrial Co., Ltd. (Springs to water purifiers) to visit, research and guidance.




鍥藉鍑€姘磋涓氭爣鍑嗗寲绠$悊濮斿憳浼氬贰瑙嗗憳閭撶憺寰枫€佽祫娣变笓瀹堕【涔呬紶绛変竴琛岃巺涓存硥鏉ュ叕鍙稿弬瑙傛寚瀵? style=




They held talks with the chairman Ouyang spring water purification and R & D staff will Kwai During the visit, they At present aspects of industry trends, industry development, industry trends, technology, standards and other in-depth communication, discussion, and spring water purifiers to new technology, new product development and production capacity given full recognition and affirmation.

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