Water rust how to do


   rust water how to do? The main reason tap water contains rust or due to aging pipes, leading to rusty pipes caused rust too much iron can cause excessive levels, is not conducive to drinking, heres a concrete understanding under.




For many indicators of water test, calcium and magnesium, organic content, if the drinking water evaporation residue ...... tightened, high iron content is preferably not drink, then water how it was safe to drink? Is not required to buy a home water purifier only some of it better point better, water has a high rust how to do?


excess iron is toxic, and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and intestinal damage. When a person is given an excess of iron or treatment time is too long, blood transfusion or repeated, or chronic alcoholism, iron can accumulate in the body. Iron too negative disease (hemochromatosis) is a potentially fatal but treatable genetic disease that absorb too much iron.


The more the iron and promote free radicals will attack the cell, leading to accelerate aging. Studies have shown that excess iron in the blood of man effort risk of infarction is twice the bottom of the iron man. Other studies show that the higher content of iron in the blood, the greater the risk of cancer, particularly bladder and esophageal cancers.


High boiler water iron, to analyze the source of iron ions or molecules. In general, there are two sources of iron, one tap (or ground) high iron content, is two oxygen corrosion economizer heating surface. According to common practice, the high content of iron pot of water mainly due to iron boiler feed water. I do not know that you use the groundwater or surface water (tap water or water treatment plants own direct extraction of river water), high groundwater iron is often seen, and some boiler room with a "manganese sand separator" Its purpose that in order to remove ferric ions, or molecules in boiler water. Boiler high content of iron is due to the high iron content in the water, after evaporation of the concentrate revealed.


in the form of iron in water variety, may be present in a simple and complex inorganic hydrated ions, organic complexes in the form of a true solution, the iron in the form of deep groundwater valence state, when exposed to air and at pH> 5, it is oxidized to form an oxide high-speed and, air exposed to water, the iron is often present as insoluble iron oxide hydrate. When the pH <5鏃讹紝楂橀搧鍖栧悎鐗╁彲琚憾瑙o紝鍥犺€岄搧鍙兘浠ユ憾瑙f€併€佽兌浣撴€併€佹偓娴绮掔瓑褰㈠紡瀛樺湪浜庢按浣撲腑銆傛按鏍蜂腑楂橀搧鍜屼綆閾佹湁鏃跺悓鏃跺苟瀛橈紝鍙兘鏄?浠凤紝涔熷彲鑳芥槸3浠枫€?/p>

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