Powdered milk with water yin and yang c do


   Po mothers who often encounter is not prepared in advance, cool white open children had already started crying, and just add cold water in front of a powdered milk with water, let us together look at Xiaobian powdered milk can be used yin and yang water?




Friends often ask yin and yang of water on the body harmful? If it is not treated water, out of the water straight from the tap and water mix, water to drink after this yin and yang to the body only harm, not through water disinfection is not only a large number of bacteria can also cause human gastrointestinal disorders, even cause cholera, so we best not to drink; but if there is drinking clean water into the water yin and yang effect on the body is not great, safe to drink, not prepared in advance due to the cool white open, hungry children can use powdered milk yin and yang water?


Many mothers believe that the babys digestive system are not yet fully developed perfect, bacterial resistance to the outside is not enough. We will not choose powdered milk for the children to use the "yin and yang of water" will cause the child diarrhea, bad stomach. Dr Chan expressed "yin and yang of water" for children powdered milk will not cause any impact on the child. "Children are hungry, powdered milk for the children to use hot water or too cold water is not good, the children hungry, etc. not Western view with boiling water and cool white open red milk mix to fill the urgent needs of the child, but rather one kind humane performance. Western medicine is no "yin and yang of water" concept, but the concept of traditional Chinese medicine for this very particular about. "


in addition to the baby can not drink water, yin and yang, the best small series to remind you of the following water do not let the baby drink:


1, "electrolytic water" is obtained by electrolysis, water is decomposed into "cationic water" and "anionic water" (for sterilization). This is a medical water, not drink to normal.


in the oxygen-rich water can not drink market, which is artificially added to the purified water oxygen will destroy normal dividing cells, accelerate the bodys aging.


2, long-term drinking pure water is not good, because the human body fluids are alkaline, while pure water was acidic, the body will base balance destruction; will increase the loss of calcium in the body, with take the body of trace elements, reduce the bodys immune system.


3, drinking caution "functional water" in a variety of packaging, which is a kind of water through chemical or physical treatment methods. There are four main categories: electrolyzed ion water, the magnetizationWater, purified water, natural water. After the study, China Health Care Association of water will feature experts have given conclusion: alone "functional water" it is impossible to treat the disease, not to mention water quality function on the market difficult to protect, good and bad.


household drinking water Tips: people should not be a one-time drink plenty of water, due to the above-mentioned one-time Ms. excess water, causing gastrointestinal disorders, our stomach can hold a maximum of 2-3 pounds of water, and drink continuous 7 , 8 pounds of water, natural stomach can not stand. In addition, the summer people sweat more, do not wait until thirsty to drink water remember, but one or two drinks every other period of time, to avoid a one-time drinking too much, causing gastrointestinal problems.




Editor: Zhang Fu

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