Water purifier quality diffences in development owill break

   With the continuous improvement of living standards and social progress of the people, making the hot water purifier market continues to become the most popular industry twenty-first century. Right now water purifier brand pattern has been upgraded to have the opportunity to go all out, force might die, will not force must be dead, may be integrated stride, stride will not be integrated, industry has been the homogenization officially entered a consolidation mode, no goal, no action, a conservative intrinsic mode, die you still long to live?



   not so much water purifier market in the shuffle, but rather that the industry is facing a knockout after doubling, out of so and so will be eliminated, it is clear that there is no confidence to see action on We will know, so water purifier dealers to join the agency should quickly adjust rational choice partners.

   review process in 2013, before the brand two become four four changes eighty-eight born XVI presents clusters of cohabitation shoddy state of the market, a walking a fine line of sight no-name online and offline, the price war hit the terminal from the manufacturer, it is this continued for many years.

   Looking ahead, the current impact of the economic, real estate, industry standards, consumer demand and other factors upgrades, water purifier market from the homogenization of the Red Sea, and gradually move towards boutique market differentiation, direct popular talk is to elimination of a large number of low-end product homogeneity.

   2016 which vendors the most dangerous?

   First: walking a fine line faster fist fight vendors;

   Second: product homogeneity serious vendors;

   Third: continuing price war continue to lower vendor configuration ;

   fourth: terminal manufacturers did not help sales model;

   fifth: simply disregard marketing or simply marketing research and development of innovative companies disregard;

   sixth: terminal layout dispersed and no region protection manufacturers;

   seventh: no vendor traditional staking a new marketing model.

   economic changes, market changes, the industry changes, in the case of this environment are changing, if not meet the market appropriate adjustments, could very quickly out in this knockout. Which brand

   2016 dealers need?

   First: product differentiation, strong brand with core competitiveness;

   Second: continue to support joint marketing brand promotion;

   Third: improve energy efficiency rating higher qualification: online and offline brand differentiation do not conflict;:;


   Fifth brand sound service system brand;

   sixth: end retail brand of innovation;

   seventh: standards and brand innovation model;

   is the most important priority a single product retail profit, single-product retail profits derived from the non-homogeneity of the market competitiveness of products, especially lack of market demand regions, sales fell dealers, should focus on single retail profits, the popular talk is to sell volume decline, we make up one-off profit from the back.

   did not target natural mode of action still long to live?

   Recent China water purifier industry platform for in-depth network in Guangdong, Zhejiang and other major producer of water purifiers, regional vendors depth research, which increase in volume sales of enterprises accounted for 21% of enterprises accounted remain flat year on year than 17%, the remainder were lower, more serious decline shrunk more than 60%.

   Most of the decline business analysis, mostly inherent in the traditional marketing model, whether it is brand market movements, or product and brand promotion are precision of deviation, this industry background, obviously runs counter to the market.

   the moment or in the future, this type of water purifier manufacturers are facing not only the downward trend could also become the first to be out of business, if there is no market fundamentals, as changes in the market situation was quickly eliminated.

   Therefore, the water purification industry in 2016 only innovative model, innovative products, precision marketing, dealers need a good grasp of market direction next, embracing quality is to force the company to market in the region foothold.

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