Notes drinking bottled water


   Almost all are directly in front of the bottle to drink drink bottled water, but doing so will only make the bacteria into the mouth of the bottle, bottled drinking water precautions?




bottled water industry to promote technological innovation, scientific and technological innovation but must respect the laws of nature on the basis of innovation. Needs between man and nature is harmonious and coordinated development, which is the ethical relationship of man and nature. People study for water, water development, water awareness must comply with the laws of nature, for everyone to popularize the knowledge related to small household drinking water.


bottled water for drinking Precautions


First, the cause food poisoning, physical discomfort, etc.


Do not underestimate the mix of E. coli, which can easily make the body appear diarrhea, vomiting , fever and a series of food poisoning symptoms, especially in children with poor immunity and lead to decreased immunity through long-term tiredness adults more easily misled, and therefore need even more careful.


Second, resulting in rough skin from acne


aureus is a cause of atopic deterioration of the primary reasons. Once the bacteria multiply in the body, it is possible to form crumbs dry skin and itching. Meanwhile, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli can also cause intestinal discomfort caused by constipation. Once in the body hoarding a lot of old treasures, the body can cause metabolic deterioration, constitute rough skin, from acne and other reasons.


Third, the formation of stomatitis, angular cheilitis inflammation


originally only present in the oral candidiasis in large breeding after the mouth may cause meningitis, inflammation angular cheilitis, causing discomfort. When oral inflammation there is a huge problem, that is, oral pain people can not eat properly, pain Ruoyouruowu easy to render all kinds of rest irritability, restlessness, anxiety and other problems.


By understanding these different bottled water, bottled drinking water for more people to have in-depth understanding of precautions, always drink bottled water, okay? Different understanding of each person, but as long as basic for those who drink the body without harm to bottled water is a weak acid must drink bottled water.




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