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   With the development of the water industry, consumers are not satisfied with the drinking water needs of the family, water demand gradually diversified. In addition, from the beginning of 2016, household water purification equipment market growth started to slow down, officially entered the stage of steady growth, the mainstream water purifier brands have started looking for a new growth point of the water industry and speed up the layout. The next third of the world water industry, showing household water purification equipment (mainly single product), commercial water purification, household water three subdivision development.


   First, household water purification equipment (mainly single product)

   1, deep pain point users to accelerate product upgrades

   in Yee clean water consumer survey shows that the main problems encountered when consumers use water purifier include: volume is too large to keep abreast of changes in water quality, do not know when to change batteries, waste water directly drained, not secondary use, small water, wastewater wait. With the continuous improvement of peoples living standards and awareness of water purifier gradually deepened, consumers are not satisfied with the basic functions of the water purifier water purification, water purifiers for additional features also put forward new demands. Water purification companies began digging user pain points, accelerating the pace of product upgrades.

   2, experiential marketing gradual deepening of

   In water purification products increasingly homogeneous background, water purifier brand positioning begin to implement the conversion, build a water purification living museum by the home appliance chain channel independent brand experience stores a variety of forms, such as science experience tour to help consumers more accurately and quickly to find water purification equipment to fit the needs of the family.

   3, the Nuggets aftermarket

   water purification products, product attributes rather special, is set sales, installation, maintenance, repair in one of the semi-finished products, each product will require post-service maintenance. How will later be converted into long-term interests of the service chain, so that consumers are willing to accept service, more willing to pay a reward after enjoying the service, we need to trade associations, third-party service platform and to jointly promote the water purification business. The past two years, service standards are rolled out on the water purifier, industry standards gradually from product penetration into the service, for example, in June 2016 China Association for Standardization issued a "household and similar water purifier installation, maintenance and service standards", marking the countrys first home water purifier installation services maintenance specification standards formally introduced. June 2017 China HouseholdElectric Service Maintenance Association issued and implemented the "water purification site service engineer qualification norms", the water industry has become the first item on-site service engineers qualified certification standards. At the same time, with intelligent hardware platform, APP and other core technology platform for third-party service continues to rise, businesses serving the water purification, water purification dealers, distributors and other water purifiers, users targeted solve pain points and business pain points. In addition, some companies have begun to explore water purifier high-end user service model, including the rich services, selection of service personnel, service personnel to create a unified image, unified with tools to build service training system, service and other incentives.

   Second, the commercial water purification

   commercial water purification and water purification industry companies are highly concerned about the market, the future of the water industrys sea of 鈥嬧€媌lue. Commercial water purification main user groups to businesses, schools, factories, restaurants and other industrial users mainly present, the major pain points for customers of commercial water purification products include: water sanitation, secondary pollution bottled water, drinking water and water costs management cumbersome. User demand is mainly reflected in: the safety of drinking water quality, cost-effective solutions, more efficient, more peace of mind business model. For business customers pain points and needs a lot of work in the water purification business product development, business models, service and so on. For example, in product research and development to launch professional film, UV sterilization, mute, hot water Capacity other functions; the launch of the business model of traditional trading, leasing, metering and charging three flexible consumption patterns, so that more business customers select; after-sales services, starting from pre-sales service, and gradually extended to provide on-site design, professional installation, active care, equipment inspection, regular maintenance and so on.

   Third, family breakdown with water

   in the family, in addition to household water purification equipment (mainly single product), consumer demand for more diverse water purification products, broken down in the field of products is also increasing. For example: the water supply demand: according to different uses of water treatment to provide different quality of water, washing, mopping, vegetables, soup, cooking, bathing, washing clothes and the like. Multi-point water demand: to meet the needs of users kitchen, living room, bedroom multi drinking water. Water sub-groups: the characteristics of different groups of people, to create different products, such as: demand for women launched for beauty water softener, maternal and child populations for the launch of desktop intellectual drink machine, using UV disinfection technology to ensure safe water quality, prevent secondary pollution, withI.e. when using thermal techniques and control techniques to meet the needs segment red night milk.

   (Source: China Water Purifier Network)

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