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   In the current water purifier market, RO water purifier sales and word of mouth is better. So, workflow RO water purifier what is it? What are its characteristics? How the filter is composed of? Xiao Bian together and to know about it!




RO water purifier What are the characteristics? RO water purifier cartridge composition (picture from the network)

   The RO water purifier purification process

   Raw water enters through pipe RO water filter cartridges for the first three initial filter, then the water pressure booster pump, so that water RO reverse osmosis membrane by the effect of reverse osmosis water purification fine RO membrane, and then delivering water to the pressure tank, the pressure maintained by the tub; open when required pressure barrel ball valve, pressure tank pressure by allowing water to flow into a small T33 final filter (fine activated carbon filters, water purification mainly for taste), in water production details through the gooseneck faucet water filter can refer to principle.

   RO purifier features a water purifier

   1, using advanced techniques of reverse osmosis (RO membrane), minor impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, minerals contamination, chemical contamination in the water separation , bacteria and other harmful substances, then in pure water decomposition of nutrients through the small T33 filter, enhance water taste and health. Produced water clean, safe, suitable for all people to drink.

   2, disposed inside the filter affordable, easy replacement, a low cost of water, filtered water purification five guaranteed.

   3, RO water purifier using a long time, a small machine operating noise, vibration, use of safety. Directly open the tap water you can drink.

   4. The water purification process of automatic embodiment, easy to use, or the lack of machine failure will automatically shut down, automatically open after a pressure recovery, automatic washing RO membrane intelligent use.

   The role of the RO water purifier filter

   pp cotton filter of the first stage, mainly raw water into the primary filter, can remove more than 1 micron sediment, rust, and other solid contaminants in water.

   The second stage activated carbon filter, adsorption of water color, smell, chlorine and some other harmful substances.

   The third stage is a PP fine filter, 0.1 m deep cleaning composition bacterial impurities in the water, chemical pollution, heavy metals, etc..

   The fourth stage RO membrane is, after the first three filter process, a large portion of the impurities in the water has been excluded, the RO membrane pore size 0.001 m, in addition to other small water main water removal contaminants, such as: bacteria, viruses, chlorine and the like.

   T33 fifth level cartridge is small (fine activated carbon), its main function is continued adsorption of residual odor, color, mineral nutrients while decomposition of pure water.

   water purifier is now more and more families to accept and use, RO water purifier is very popular among a class of water purifier, above hope to help everyone understand the RO water purifier.

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