Residential swimming pool with green water purification equi


   residential swimming pool a lot of people are not familiar with, it appears green residential swimming pool with water purification equipment related explain Xiao Bian it look right?.




must install swimming complex purification and disinfection cycle, and can meet the requirements of the water treatment. Swimming Places circulating water sterilization equipment should ensure the integrity and completeness, establish a regular inspection and maintenance system and do regular inspections, maintenance and repairs and make a record. If problems are timely maintenance, failure is should have a complete contingency measures to ensure the normal operation of all types of facilities and equipment. So, the occurrence of residential swimming pool with green water purification equipment related to it


mainly because residential swimming pool green algae and micro-organisms to breed, according to microbial growth habit:? In acidic media, its relatively fast growth and reproduction, in other words, the acidic environment is a breeding ground for bacterial microbial growth. So with the water purification equipment it is irrelevant.


If the pool water turns blue, it is because at the appropriate time to use copper sulfate, as well as alum and sodium hypochlorite, so to see the water is quite clear, so that the water with blue.




(1) a suitable new replacement water into it.


(2) plus the amount of copper sulfate and sodium hypochlorite into the pool, do not overdose!


through these presentations, I believe you know residential swimming pool with green water purification equipment knowledge about it the bar. You also promise that you will ask: How small series of water purification equipment to clean drinking water in the home to find the answer is yes small knowledge base, through it, you can rest assured that the drinking water at home?.




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