Secret household water purifiers promotional discount -trick


say that the Chinese nation is saving, in fact, most of the time, people are more willing to put this view on shopping for hope in the most affordable price to buy the best product (Facts on difficult to achieve). So some businesses to analyze the users heart, beginning with activities, discounts to attract consumers approach shopping. In the water purification industry also has this status quo. Below is the industry broke the news of the water purification industry some "discount" secret!


raise prices and then sell at a discount


"due to celebrate a decade of enterprise development, XX brand water purifier five sold off the original price of $ xx water purifier prices, now takes half the money can buy, got it, opportunity waits for no man, come buy it! "This slogan is a monopoly in some water purifier shop to see.


According to a salesman, the event is organized by the company tenth anniversary celebration, this discounts in order to repay the old and new customers, so it organized. The visit to another salesman, the salesman said it was because of this product to be discontinued, older style, so it sold at a discount. A store salesperson can have multiple activity reports, which can only say that deep water. In fact, the price of water purifier is able to query the network, if there is some discount stores, consumers can be completely original water purifiers Compare the network.


water purifier discount trend inevitability


difficult to find in the water purifier market, whether there will be any mall discount information. The owner had asked the reason, the owner to answer people understand the inevitable discount. The owner said only one sentence "consumer psychological reasons." Domestic consumers shopping for bargain aspects have fixed ideas, as long as it must bargain bargain buy. In order to meet customer this kind of psychological, but not to lose too much, only the so-called activity price, discounted price.

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