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   reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration are two popular types of water purifiers, but for them, many consumers will be somewhat misleading. Xiao Bian finishing the four common cognitive errors, take a look.




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   misunderstanding: purified water were seized the more bacteria that normal?

   to buy a water purifier, the first consideration is not a brand, but the type.

   reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration are two main types of water purifiers, the former can filter impurities bacteria, heavy metals and the like, water is almost equivalent to the output of purified water; Ultrafiltration can filter rust, dust, and other large particulate impurities.

   Because of better purification effect, a reverse osmosis water purification market share increased year by year. National Investigation Agency appliances ?? The PRC, the data will show that the first quarter of 2016, retail sales share in China reverse osmosis water purifier up to 66.5%.

   a lot of reverse osmosis water purification products labeled bacterial removal rate of 99.99%, consumers may mistakenly think it means that the water purifier is almost no bacteria, but it is not

   [ 123] solution

   these bacteria from the family of indoor air is not harmful pathogens, so no need to worry, it is recommended that consumers will drink purified water to a boil. In order to avoid a large number of bacteria breeding, care and maintenance is quite important, the installation of water purifiers can not once and for all, should be regularly cleaned water storage tank, replace the filter on time.

   Myth: Water rate as fast as possible with the

   low winter temperatures, water purifier production will be slower, but due to the hardness of the water in Shanxi, Hebei and other regions compared? large, relatively poor quality, more impurities trapped cartridge in use for some time, the situation will slow down the production of water occurs. "

   because the water is a big difference between the cities, large temperature difference between summer and winter, enterprises in the design of water purifier, will take into account usage during the worst case, due to increase product performance to meet most areas consumer demand for clean water.


   in order to improve the speed of reverse osmosis water purification water purifiers, companies typically install water tanks in reverse osmosis filter (ie, the pressure tank) Reserve in advanceThe existence of water purification, when consumers actually use, pressure tank can water out, can meet the daily drinking water needs.

   Myth: wastewater generally high it

   to drink more clean water is a price to pay?.

   yield one ton of pure water, to yield 3 tons "waste water", water rate of only 25% ?? reverse osmosis water purification unit has been left to the consumer, "water fee" impression, and its Water rate slow shortcomings were often criticized.

   From the point of view recovery, reverse osmosis water purification in general only 25%, but it can not simply be considered "water charges. Reverse osmosis water purification water purification yield is equal to about 25% water, even in areas of poor water quality can drink. 75% of so-called waste, although a relatively high ion concentration, can not drink, but after initial purification, can be used as he uses, such as mopping clothes and the like.



   in order to use quality film while ensuring longer life and better water purification effect. The use of poor quality water purifier membrane, such as short-term use, the purifying effect of the big brands will not be much difference, but a long time, the difference will be revealed.

   Myth: north and north using different water purifier

   filter replacement cost is the most important repair and maintenance of water purifiers, different parts of the consumers to purchase water purifier,? its parameters there are some differences. Because higher recovery will affect the life of the filter and reverse osmosis water purification effect of water purifiers, water poor regions need better water effect, water purifier recovery in the region will be set lower.

   In addition, the reverse osmosis filter life setting does not fully take into account Chinas huge regional differences, when the filter end of life, or a change in water quality, consumers filter should be replaced. Of course, if the water quality is not extreme situation, use common reverse osmosis membranes also can meet the needs of clean water.


   UF water purifier can remove all particulate impurities including colony, including, but not remove inorganic ions, including heavy metals, an area suitable for good quality , relatively inexpensive.

   above is about the cognitive errors ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifier water purifier introduction, we hope can help to you.

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