RO water purifier trans penetrated effects and disadvtages

   As people awareness of healthy drinking water has been strengthened a lot of water purifier has slowly become a family home appliances. But there are many types of water purification machines, RO water machine (anti-fathom water purifier) 鈥嬧€媔s a very common one. But users often do not understand the product, resulting in no water purifier to buy their favorite products, so water expert Xiao Bian today to talk about the role and the advantages and disadvantages of anti-fathom water purifier.


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   a. What is RO water

   for water purification devices for home use, there are many, there is far, anti-water machine more people favor infiltration water purification technology, which by reverse osmosis (physical) filtration can effectively remove water of less than 0.001 micron pore size membrane permeable all impurities, without adding any compound, the water quality after the filtration directly for human consumption, compared to other water purification equipment, the pure mechanism of water fresher, more health, more health, protection of the family is the best choice for safe water. RO water purifier is composed of water purification than other more complicated, which can be found at the official website of the specific water expert RO water purifier accessories "RO water purifier accessories What? You can read also loaded to force"

   II. What is the water purifier

   the water purifier also called water purifier, the use of an ultrafiltration filter and water purification products. Refining can be divided into single-stage, two-stage or more levels. In addition to water purification filter configuration, add a deep layer of the auxiliary membrane to PP cotton filter, activated carbon, granular activated carbon, an ultrafiltration membrane, the activated carbon used in combination. The biggest feature is that without the use of power, in the filtration accuracy 0.01 m, purified water to meet the needs of life.

   III. Differences pure water and a water purifier

   a slight difference between the household water purifiers, water confidential by connecting power to use, and the need for a storage pressure tank and drainage, water machine contains all the materials and the effectiveness of the water purifier, but the filtration accuracy is more subtle, can reach ten thousandth microns, RO using reverse osmosis technology, more sophisticated filtering effect, can many bacteria, viruses, Harmonia odor and other impurities in the water together exclusion, these are water purifier can not do.


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   IV. Huge role in pure water

   1 can remove the water molecules in addition to water and some minerals NutritionAll impurities, alkali water scale is more difficult to remove a significant effect, can greatly improve the health of the whole familys drinking water.

   2. Configuration of the water activated carbon filters, and good adsorption of heterochromatic eliminate water odor, taste better ensure that the water used for cooking, cooking, soup is very suitable .

   3. within the general water will contain some harmful substances, long-term exposure can cause peeling, decreased immunity and other symptoms, the use of water for water purification bathing, wash your face, brush your teeth on the body better care effect.

   4. The long-term placement and will not scale or white powdery substance, to protect the safety of drinking water.

   5 may be used in conjunction with other water purification products, such as heating, cooling, etc., heating or cooling the water no smell, drink more confidence. .


RO绾按鏈?鍙嶅弬閫忓噣姘村櫒鐨勪綔鐢ㄥ強浼樼己鐐? width=

   What type of pure water five

   water for use according to the product type can be divided into:

   Life 1 drinking water machine, also known as household water;

   water treatment of household water to drink, the structure is relatively simple, very safe treated water to the national standard for the water quality. .

   2-pure water for laboratory use, also known as ultra-pure water;

   The ultra-pure water for laboratory use, can reach a relatively high technological content of high-precision filter, quality clean water exceeds national standard quality water purifiers, water purifiers funding is relatively large. .

   3 used in industrial production, industrial water machine;

   industrial water, is the biggest feature can handle large numbers of pure water, pure water treatment relatively pure Household water is almost a little, is generally not recommended to drink.

   of pure water is divided into an operation mode

   1. The manual type water machine

   of pure water requires frequent manual type manually flush valve during use, to long-term use, this water machine is relatively cheap, but the operation is too much trouble.

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