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  What are the advantages and disadvantages of reverse osmosis through household water purifiers and home water purifier ultrafiltration there? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 263 Published: 2018-12-8 17:25:16 As the people to enhance health awareness, the family also has a new drinking water standards; in recent years, water purifiers are widely used in home health drinking water treatment. After water purifier filter water treatment, widely used in home cooking and cleaning drinking water and living water, with the rest assured, comfortable to drink. After all these years of water industry vigorously promote, people on the water purifier new understanding and perception, knowledge of the water purifier is also slowly getting to understand. But Olmert still needs to further popularize, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water purifier water purifier which each have their advantages and disadvantages? Mastered these can better judge their own conditions applicable to buy the kind of water purifier. Household water purifiers reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration home water purifier advantages and disadvantages as follows: Reverse osmosis home water purifier advantages are: reverse osmosis water purification unit capable of removing various harmful impurities in water, the water taste better and to be effective reduce water hardness, the container does not have a scale boiler. Better water supply idiopathic event results. The reverse osmosis membrane filtration precision may be 0.0001 microns, home reverse osmosis water purification can be further advantageous to filter out harmful metal ions and water, but also the human body calcium and magnesium ions is discharged as waste water. Reverse osmosis water purification filter output was almost pure water, it can even water desalination. More adapted to the water drinking water. Also: .A: the water is clean and pure water can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, chlorine, various organics, colloids and other impurities. B: less affected PH, temperature and the like, capable of withstanding the effects of chemical action. Having a high salt rejection at higher flow rates, can reach more than 99%. C: reduce water hardness, good water taste. Reverse osmosis home water purifier disadvantages are: pumps, required power, electrical safety issues. Fittings, high pressure, leakage rate and the probability of failure is relatively high; complex structure, more expensive. The advantages of home water purifier ultrafiltration are: generally do not pump, no power, no electrical safety issues. Less joints, low water pressure, a relatively low probability of leakage and failure rate. Simple, cheap. High filtration precision, up to 0.01 micron pore size, to ensure that water quality and safety, the water can be directly consumed. High chemical stability, corrosion-resistant bacteria, the cartridge holding need notRetaining liquid, easy transport and storage. Interception capacity, longer replacement time, usually in 10-12 months. Compact structure, small footprint, easy operation, high dirt capacity, should not be blocked, water storage volume. Can effectively remove bacteria, rust, silt, organic molecules, colloidal suspensions and other harmful substances, minerals and trace elements to retain water. Household water purifiers ultrafiltration disadvantages are: poor water removing chemical pollutants. Poor water supply idiopathic event results. Water taste slightly worse. Not reduce water hardness, such as high water hardness, the container may be boiler fouling. Now the average family water is difficult to achieve drinking water standards, we must use home water purifier water purification, water daily to ensure that our health and quality of life. Household reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water purifier home water purifier home water purifier in the field of use is pervasive, users can choose a suitable water purifier according to their needs.

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