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   HC purification network Nowadays, peoples attention on continuous improvement of drinking water, water softeners, net water and other water processor more and more into peoples lives, more and more processing technique "superb."

   So, the technological content of water purifier in the end how much? Purifiers can ensure the "purification" of the function? What kind of way to be healthy drinking water safe?

   water softener water softening but not directly drinking

   points hard and soft water, called water hardness salinity, refers to how much calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in the water content. Soft water including rainwater, snow and pure water; tap water, including hard water, as well as the nature of surface water and groundwater.

   hard water belongs, may be softened by the water softener.

   Application of ion exchange water softener technology, by the function of ions with water a polymer compound such as a resin medium calcium and magnesium ion exchange, so that the excess water adsorbed calcium and magnesium ions, to reduce water hardness, removal Objective scale (calcium or magnesium) a.

   Although the water softening removes excess calcium and magnesium compounds in water, but not the removal of harmful substances in the water due to possible problems of secondary pollution. Coupled with the use of a polymer compound filter water softeners, water quality impacts will be, it is not recommended to drink only do the water softening process.

   water softening, although not directly consumed, but as domestic water is very good, it removes water base, scale, better able to avoid fouling problems plumbing, faucets and wading equipment. At the same time, for bathing, washing clothes, etc., than ordinary tap water more soft, comfortable, long-term use soft water bath have beautiful skin; also washed clothes cleaner.

   Purified water purifier to be graded

   water purification using filtration techniques, separated by a semipermeable material particles from the water, which is the core of the filter element, different models have different filter combinations, ranging from one to nine filter cartridge.

   microfiltration type water purifier is a pore size of 0.02 micron to 10 micron filter media to filter water treatment, water can be seen visually remove all kinds of impurities, rust, silt, isoTaste, chlorine, heavy metals and other part of the current common market microfiltration type water purifier using PP cotton filter and activated carbon filter, its technology is relatively mature, but also more widely, but the need for timely replacement of cleaning, the service life of 3 ~ 18-month range.

   type water purifier is used ultrafiltration membrane or a nanofiltration membrane filter, pore size is 0.001 micron to 0.2 micron filter media is a water filtration treatment can remove bacteria, virus, E. coli and other harmful organic molecules. However, the experts believe, ultrafiltration water purifiers if only a membrane filter, no PP cotton, activated carbon filters, you can not remove the odor, chlorine, easy to plug, cut short the life of the film, it is suggested the use of this three kinds of filter models used in combination.

   a high degree of purification of reverse osmosis water purification filter

   is currently available reverse osmosis water purification filter with high precision water purifier, a reverse osmosis membrane which is the core. Reverse osmosis membrane filter pore size is one-millionth of hair, one of bacteria, viruses, 5,000 points. Working principle of reverse osmosis membrane technology is that the water pressure is applied to the water molecules and mineral elements in the plasma state through a reverse osmosis membrane, and the inorganic salts dissolved in water, organic matter and bacteria, viruses, etc. can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane .

   Similarly, the combination of a reverse osmosis water purification PP cotton, activated carbon filter to intercept large foreign particles and prevent clogging, to extend the life of reverse osmosis membrane.

   water to cook after purification using reverse osmosis water purifier, soup, tea, coffee, can ensure that genuine, full of the nutrients in foods break down, more suitable for human absorption. More conducive to healthy skin with pure water in a humidifier or water is needed cosmetic vessel.

   but it should be noted that, if the water purifier quality tests, high-quality water may be contaminated, the water purifier and filter quality is good or bad, is directly related to water quality and water filter life .


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