The high-end market, the homappliancindustry into a new grow

   In the past decade, along with the increasing home appliance industry transformation and upgrading of the national consumption level, high-end appliances are in rapid growth, become more and more consumers.

   PRC, the data show, January-September offline refrigerators and washing machines in the market, high-end product sales category accounted for 28.5% and 33.4%, respectively, the growth rate of 6.1% and 19.1%; this two-eleven, Jingdong turnover up more than 70 inches and high-end TV products increased by more than 300%, drying washing machine and dryer turnover increased 7 times, more than 4,000 yuan in the high-end refrigerator, washing machine turnover increased by 5 times . Strong consumer demand for high-end home appliances, high-end market has become a new engine of growth in the industry. The next decade, the industry how good high-end appliances under this dish "chess"?


   Future "true", "good", "beauty"

   award in the recently held "the 11th Chinese high-end appliances trends released cum Red Top Award ", the head of red top Award Lv Shenghua site release of" Festival 2019 Chinese high-end home appliances consumer survey report "shows consideration consumers to buy high-end television sets, the top five is a good sound, ultra-thin, HDR wisdom screen, large size; the main reasons for purchasing high-end refrigerators are energy-saving and environmental protection, in addition to taste sterilization, leading preservation technology, low noise, intelligent control; the main reasons for purchasing high-end dishwashers were bactericidal, water and electricity consumption, fast drying, wash size and capacity. Consumer demand can drive the most direct product sales growth, future, high-end appliances business R & D will be closer to the above-mentioned direction.

   Lv Shenghua think, if the definition of a high-end home appliances well, reference should be "true", "good", "beautiful" three dimensions. "True" that performance, functionality, technology content and other quality products is strong, which is the material basis for the high-end good appliances; "good" refers to the relationship between the product and the external social environment, that is the product of the production process, resource and energy consumption case, whether friendly to the environment, is sustainable; "beauty" is the product of the United States, consumers are able to trigger and moving, brought joy to experience something beautiful. "Consumer appliances from scratch, from there to the good, but also from the good to the United States, the United States should take the good stuff. We believe that a good definition of high-end home appliances is to do good and the beautiful, in the process, home appliancesEnterprises must be promising, to truly achieve a better life. "

   Now, both" high-end good appliances three characteristics of true "," good "," beautiful ", as effectively solve the pain points users everyday life, becoming detonated high-end appliances consumer market the new hot spot

   in the application of intelligent technology in high-end appliances, their products add a lot of bright colors such as inlaid box on the touch screen, capable of intelligent temperature control function of the intelligent refrigerator; by intelligent scanner to identify clothing material and automatically recommend the best laundry washing drying machine programs; support collaboration and smartphones become wisdom-screen TV households IOT control center;. a dishwasher with a full voice control "technological sense" of high-end smart appliances products, in particular, has been welcomed by 80,90 generation of young consumers.

   concept of energy saving has been well reflected in the high-end appliances. Panasonic a handheld vacuum cleaner products and using environmentally friendly packaging materials , the ratio of up to 87% recycled materials, environmentally very friendly. beautiful silence of a broken machine will be able to reduce operating noise by 15%, the noise level of only 37.5 db lowest gear operation, effectively reducing noise pollution.

   [ 123] high-end appliances is also a great breakthrough in the design. molten mantle rock refrigerators mimic the native structure of the mantle rock, each panel have a unique rock texture. minimalist design of large-screen television narrow frame, allowing users to more smooth visual experience Shuang; environment-screen mode and home decoration fit, creating a natural visual effects, Yen value sharply pulled a section of the dishwasher door to take the custom design of its products and the overall environment integration kitchen, bring. enjoy the beauty.

   is different from "line of affordable, high-end line under" the traditional home appliance sales pattern, this year increased dramatically the proportion of high-end appliances online sales, the data show that the third quarter of 2019, 65 inches TV and online retail accounted for more than a year on year increase of 56.4% thanks to Internet information transparency features, the purchase of high-end home appliances consumer online, more comprehensive reference information, because the information asymmetry caused by the "low distribution high "phenomenon is greatly reduced, which is also high-end home appliances business" genuine talent "put forward higher requirements.

  " goods find people looking for goods "to" person "transition

   In addition to hard to master nuclear technology, grasp of consumer demand, how refined productsQuasi pushed to the front of consumers, household electrical appliance enterprises also need to attend a "major problem."

   expensive high-end appliances, browse online information alone, consumers are not prone to take full advantage of the product, thus "difficult start" concerns. In order for consumers to have a deeper awareness of high-end products, experience Jingdong, Suning and other channels line store layout, the online and offline channels open up, to provide consumers with intuitive understanding, experience. Xie Fan, vice president of Jingdong appliances told reporters, Jingdong into the appliance retail sector for 11 years, the line super-store experience has been all over the country, sales of its high-end home appliances, sales volume, product price are on the rise.

   At the same time, enterprises can in certain spots, to create realistic scenarios of certain products, the consumers hands-on, direct experience can bring the convenience and benefits of the product. For example, a few rainy days provide clothes dryer for the wet clothes in the pedestrian mall, the shower is equipped with high-end fitness areas of drying effect is very good high-end hair dryer. This scenario brings real experience feelings, often far more than the impact of the effectiveness of advertising products, and often can be directly converted into sales.

   In addition, the household electrical appliance enterprises to cooperate with decoration designers in the design aspects of a leisurely into the high-end home appliances, high-end appliances are also very effective sales channels. Designers of home improvement proposals for the selection of the guide is very strong.

   At present, home appliances brand marketing model mostly square large-scale manufacturing, large-scale promotion, large-scale distribution to marketing move "goods to look for" patterns of consumers to buy, the future will gradually transition to this model "people find the goods." "With the breakdown future consumer groups, businesses will showcase different types of scenes in high-end products, and ultimately C2M business model. Where consumer demand, we will sell what product platform, our brand on the manufacturing side What products, and jointly promote the further upgrading and updating the appliance industry high-end products. "Xie told reporters sail.

   (Source: Ichiban Tescos official website, invasion deleted)

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