Sai Fuli unveiled a new era of Shandong International Wat Ex

   April 26th to 28th, 20th Shandong International Water Exhibition, and the Second National Conference of the whole industry chain water industry held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The event invited a water industry expert, quality inspection, health inspection and other functional departments attended, to discuss about the water purification technology, water the whole industrial chain-related content, to seek opportunities for cooperation and development. Taihang source Shield as a co-sponsor of the General Assembly, Ms. Wei Tian Yan, chairman of the Assembly presented a speech; opinions were related to the development of water purification industry companies Mr. Yao Wei, executive vice president at the conference, and the presence of companies introduced a whole house water purification sterilization Lingchuang person - Sai Fuli sterilization purifier features and prospects.


   Ms. Taihang source Shield chairman Wei Tian Yan delivered a speech and an interview at the meeting. She said that now the city secondary water pollution, water purifiers available in the market most obvious shortcomings of traditional multi-use water purification membrane filter blocking the way, the accumulation of bacteria and viruses multiply easily produce secondary pollution, a serious threat to peoples health; Sai Fuli sterilization water purifiers, innovative "AOT photocatalytic oxidation technology advanced," to break the traditional drawbacks of clean water, 0.8 seconds off bacteria and viruses in the water break down the formula, not the whole wastewater, while retaining beneficial minerals, produce sterile truly healthy drinking water, from the user to create a "drink" to "use" are sterile aqueous environment, from the bath to wash the whole family can enjoy high-quality vegetables to cook healthy living.


   Ms. Taihang source Shield chairman Wei Tian Yan delivered a speech

   She also current severe water pollution situation expressed concern for the water industry situation and development prospects expressed their views, and expressed to us on Sai Fuli on the expectation that Sai Fuli be able to protect the health of the people of the water with a strong bactericidal power, continue to ride in the whole house water purification sterile field.


   Taihang source Shield chairman Wei Tian Yan

   During the meeting, the Taihang Group also held a "Sai Fuli sterilization water purifiers, water purification industry to unlock new era "the special investment promotion. Taihang meeting Mr. Yao Wei source Shield, executive vice president, made a "whole-house sterilization, a leading water purification, unlocking a new era of industry" speech, describes the whole house water purification sterilization, a leading person to the participants - Severin Lee bactericidal properties and application of water purifier. Madam Minister companys technology Qixiao Na, On-site interpretation of the purification process of advanced oxidation of AOT, vivid show you the power of a strong bactericidal advanced oxidation of AOT.


   Mr. Taihang source Shield, executive vice president Yao Wei speech


   live performance AOT Advanced Oxidation purification process [123 ]


   many dealers to understand the product

   relevant information Sai Fuli sterilization water purifiers booth:

   Sai Fuli, Taihang source shield Technology development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.s water purifier brand. The company originated in 1983 founded the Taihang construction equipment factory. Taihang Group is both a domestic first all-guts-type pressure water supply equipment, hot water is now the Chinese standard-setting participants.

   In 2014, the company set up Taihang source Shield Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the first to introduce AOT sterilization technology, focused on providing water purification technology solutions.

   2015, Taihang source Shield successfully developed Sai Fuli AOT water disinfection equipment (engineering products), was "circulating water treatment system patent certificate", "domestic hot water processing system patent certificate" "secondary water purification system of patent certificate." By the National Testing Center of detection, the test product for E. coli and Legionella bacteria kill rate of 99.99%.

   2016, Sai Fuli AOT water sterilization equipment was "water disinfection photocatalytic reactor control system patent" and "photocatalyst water disinfection apparatus of patent."

   2017, Sai Fuli household water purification products available, and successfully passed the United States NSF certification authority, no chemical additives, no harmful residue, no secondary pollution, water to completely kill bacteria and viruses and other harmful substance, in terms of home water purification achieved from killing the bacteria directly to the membrane filter type apparatus technological innovation.

   2017, a "killer whale" image as product identification, is intended to family, especially baby stronger health protection, accompanied by healthy growth of babies. Ten million mothers like mother killer whales in general, even sacrifice their own children but also comprehensive care, Sai Fuli help every mom, build a strong water barrier from the baby.

   June 2017, Sai Fuli productsNational debut Shanghai Exhibition Center, access to the industrys attention and praise.

   Now, Sai Fuli are healthy water people struggling forward, committed to serving the life science and technology, the establishment of a higher quality of life for the people.

   (Source: HC purification network)

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