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   1, one of the water purifier market towns is called "New Big Three"

   In the context of escalating consumption, water purifiers become the main force the consumer to upgrade . On the basis of covering a major second-tier cities, the towns and other low line, the potential spending power in emerging markets are increasingly valued. Recently, Suning Appliance retail market towns big data release, more than six months, to accelerate the expansion of high-end products at the gates of towns and other low-tier markets, consumption upgrade directly stimulating the emerging category of products sold in the market towns. Suning data show that in August the water purifier sales in national retail stores grew 1390% cloud compared with January, and the cleaning robot vacuum cleaner known as the "New Big Three" market towns, new small home appliances sales average increase of 818%.

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   2, channel sink: "young town" Demand growth spurt

   According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in August 2018, total retail sales of social consumer goods 3.1542 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.0%. Among them, the town grew 8.8%, an increase of 10.2% rural, country grew faster than urban, low line market is becoming a new growth point in the retail industry, the pursuit of high-quality products and services, has become a common pursuit of people present, also the low line market is experiencing one important manifestation of the consumer to upgrade.

   at Orville cloud network monitoring data also show that line of urban and rural water purifier market has been recognized in the following three lines. my countrys rapid economic development impact of the natural environment to some extent, of which the most serious water pollution, the number of cancer villages rising is the best example. The following three urban resident population of more than 50% of the total population of the country, poor water conditions in this part, consumers are drinking more and more attention, water purifiers future will be healthy life essential electrical products.

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   3, policy support: the State Council issued "to improve institutional mechanisms to promote the consumption plan"

   CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued "on improving institutional mechanisms to promote consumption, and further stimulate consumption potential residents number of opinions ", proposed to follow the trend of consumption upgrade residents, efforts to increase the supply of high-quality products and services to effectively meet basic consumption, traditional consumption continued to improve, strive to foster emerging consumer, continue to inspire potential consumer.

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   "plan" fully implement the Party nineteenth Japan ninthSecond, the Third Plenum of the spirit to a new era of Xi Jinping socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as a guide, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, and quality and comply with the consumer to upgrade the new trend, the focus is expected to guide the formation of rational consumption, increasing consumption on economic development the basic role of the objectives and tasks, stressed the need to rely on reform and innovation to get rid of structural and institutional obstacles, actively cultivate the market segments focused on the consumer sector, overall consumption to create a good environment and improve peoples consumption capacity to better meet the growing need for a better life .

   "plan" put forward 2018-- six key tasks for 2020 implementation.

   First, to further relax the consumption of services and market access. Including the introduction of the implementation of policies and measures to further promote rural tourism and quality and to upgrade and expand cultural relics units of cultural and creative product development pilot program to accelerate the development of service management approach after the approval of the event canceled, reasonable relaxation of social medical institutions reserved for the configuration of large medical equipment planning space, cancel pension institutions established permission to carry out construction of domestic service standardization pilot demonstration, held high-level Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions and projects and other policy measures.

   Second, improve the promotion of physical upgrading of consumption structure of the policy system. Including housing rental market to develop, grow and develop green consumption, promote innovation and development of the intelligent car, accelerating the fifth generation mobile communication (5G) technology and other commercial policy measures.

   The third is to accelerate the key areas of products and services standard construction. The main export products include within "the same line with standard homogeneous" gradually expand the scope of implementation of the project by the field of food and agricultural products to other areas such as consumer goods, consumer products and services to strengthen standards and other policy measures.

   Fourth, establish a sound credit system in the consumer sector. Including improving credit information sharing mechanism to share the consumer sector, the establishment of corporate dishonesty in the pilot system of punitive damages in some areas, improve important consumer goods, food and drug recall system and other policy measures.

   Fifth, promote the optimization of supporting the protection of the consumer. Including the development of related systems and measures for the introduction of the new personal income tax law, and actively carry out personal tax-deferred pension insurance pilot commercial, consumer credit management and accelerate product innovation, deepen the reform of income distribution system and other policy measures.

   Sixth, strengthen the publicity and promotion and consumer information guide. Including strengthening consumerThe field of statistical monitoring costs, strengthen consumer area big data applications, earnestly consumer guide publicity work and other policy measures.

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