Water purification agents fees How much-

   water purification agents how much it costs? Development of water purification industry is now very fast, a lot of investment and entrepreneurs who have chosen to do water purifier to join, and this year, it will still continue to be in a state of concern, then, water purification agents cost how much? View see specific cost information!



   First, the store rent

   As we know, want to do water purifier store then , you must have one of their own job shop, shop in the choice of when we must choose the lot is relatively good, because otherwise I might choose the shops too remote and result in no source, so it is useful to choose the right shop necessary, if the choice is in the county to find a pavement, then one years rent may be two million to five million, if the choice is the price of the township will be much cheaper, but in the city and the provincial capital, the price it will be much more expensive.

   Second, the renovation costs

   the right store decoration can play the effect of attracting customers, so this one is not able to cost less currently, do water purifier to join the brand in the decoration of this piece is also related to the gatekeeper, the brand has its own style of decoration, the franchisee in accordance with the relevant decor decoration on the line, and add fresh water brands as well as renovation subsidies, can net water is the franchisee save money.

   Third, Distribution costs

   After the completion of the renovation needs to Distribution, Distribution Issues related brands have their own requirements, often to Distribution speak a different level requirements are not the same, when the Distribution to be selected with their location relative to the appropriate water quality water purification products, must not blindly choose low-cost water purifier, otherwise it may be because of your choice water purifier not to force a result of his shop and can not achieve the desired sales.

   Fourth, publicity costs

   shop can make the necessary publicity to enhance the visibility of the shop, so do water purification agents also must pass after flyers, promotional wait until the way to store promotion, and publicity when it comes to publicity costs are also a cost which, therefore, count the costWhen should this cost must also count the job.

   These costs are above doing water purification agents must be taken into account when the cost, so you want to join a friend Taking these factors count open water purifier store in the end how much money.

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