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   After the terminal refers to manufactured goods from the manufacturers really reach the last link in the hands of consumers. Terminal display with the brand image and product sales are closely linked, in recent years, a number of water purification agents are aware of the importance of the terminal building, so one has a hundreds of thousands of square meters of large stores have emerged, however, whether large store means big brand, it means good sales?

   why major manufacturers of water purification to build a large store never tired of it? in fact, consumer awareness, the big stores is equal to the big brands. Imagine a small area of 鈥嬧€媤ater purifier brand store shopping guide said he distribution of the brand are big brands, consumers skeptical, however, to a 1000-square-meter store shopping guide introduced himself is not big brands, consumers will no doubt believe . Large stores of information conveyed to consumers that this is a big investment dealers, the greater the investment, the dealer will not easily give up the business, consumers no worries. Give consumers more of a sense of trust and security.


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water purifier terminal marketing big fight is not the store but the team fighting hard power

   water purifier store is the companys brand, image and culture windows, help to further enhance the companys brand; the establishment of a unified store water purification company, whether to enhance product sales, brand image, attract consumers, or the propaganda of the corporate culture, product display and promotion, play a crucial role.

   should have to see both sides of things dialectic of large stores to consumers trust the strength of dealers, but again, big stores, means more rental costs, and these costs will eventually through the terminal prices passed on to consumers who! at present, the water purification industry, consumers are more concerned about is to bring more of water purification products and clean water, is more concerned about the product benefits brought about, as brand water purifier store size, just as a decision-making factor only.

   Indeed, the current home building materials terminal has entered the era of experiential marketing, the manufacturers want consumers to experience the brand well, there must be a good stage - that is the big stores. Only in the big store, the brands cultural district, inter-district model, Design District, negotiation areas, recreation areas, etc. have demonstrated experience area space. Hard to imagine in a hundred small shop level, the manufacturers want to be able to show everything adequately demonstrated to the consumer. Often shopMuch, much better experience there.

   At present the proportion of consumers to buy water purification products through direct access to the store brand or too small, the majority concentrated in the building materials market (country homes, SEN); or directly to the home appliance chain of super (United States Suning) stores to buy, coupled with the impact of the Internet retail, the proportion of truly experience the store to buy very little.

   largest store brand does not mean, why sometimes the same brand, same product at two different stores, sales have even several times the gap. The size of the gap can not be completely attributed to the store, linked with brands, products and terminal promotion, among other factors, sometimes even in the same store, the manufacturer of the product sales are not the same in different stages. As the water purifier dealers, rely on advertising to attract consumers, but "software." To increase sales, the most effective way is to enhance the "hardware" -! Team combat capability than competitors, learn to snatch terminal traffic, this is the only law of survival of the store

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