What kind of election in rural household water purifier good

  What kind of election in rural household water purifier good? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 275 Time: What kind of home water purifier 2019-4-4 14:52:40 countryside choose good? This is a question a lot of people in rural areas. choose what kind of home water purifier need to know the water quality of the family, then the main water quality in rural areas face some kind of problem? Currently living in rural areas domestic water mainly from groundwater and spring water, generally speaking, the water quality of groundwater and springs should be relatively good, it is rich in minerals needed by the body, good taste, clear. But with the country to develop extensive use of agricultural production, fertilizers, pesticides since the reform and opening up, the water quality is not optimistic. According to Health Ministry statistics show that currently exist in rural areas and pollution of groundwater and springs pesticide residues of heavy metals phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. And if you run into heavy rain, ground water and spring water and turbidity occurs, the body can not drink. This is why rural areas have become popular reasons for using household water purifier. Water turbidity and water quality pesticides and heavy metal contamination of household water purifier what is good? We step by step to resolve. Water is generally cloudy because impurities in the water and more simple solution to this situation, a general kitchen water purifier can be resolved to remove pesticide residues generally small water purifier can be done, of course, also be a kitchen water purifier. So how do you get rid of heavy metals in the water quality of it? It should filter cartridge comes to precision, mainly ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes into the market, membrane filtration accuracy 0.001-0.02 microns, heavy metals can be removed more than 98% of water; RO membrane in filtration accuracy 0.0001 micron, can be done to remove heavy metal particles 99.9%, purified water bottled water to reach the standard in the market. So, small advice households in rural areas to buy home water purifier on the election ultrafiltration water purifiers household water or both, they not only remove heavy metals in water, to solve the water turbidity is a cinch.

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