Water purification agents to join honesty is the development

   At present, my countrys water purifier market has survived a long infancy, and gradually subsided in the competition. At this point it is to determine the water purification agents a critical moment whether franchisees are able to gain a foothold in the water purification market. Water purification agents franchisee to consider multi-take various measures to enhance the favorable sales skills, improve the quality of the brand, reputation and increase consumer credit. 2017 is a domestic water purifier industry a new breakthrough, on matters related to water purification agents to join, for the majority of agents to join their brief states the following three points:.

   1 we must first accurately grasp the timing of sales

   to create a unique image to your customers at a critical time, touch the consumer willing to buy your product, even urgent to deal with you, so that consumers realize that this is an opportunity not be missed. So either you can obviously go beyond a certain value level opponents can successfully neutralized the inner psychology of consumers, either you learn to create value or a sense of novelty, which requires purification agents who want to join the training and upgrading the sales staff do not intend for fun consumer tips.

   2. distinguish when to sell and when to promote corporate

   successfully sell yourself, to make their reservations a good impression in the minds of consumers, honest, reliable, have fun is beneficial quality, lowest bottom line is to let consumers do not deal objectionable. Usually some water purification agents franchisees often due to psychological or trouble, fear of being hated and direct consumers to give up or not interacting.

   There is, water purifiers Agent who want to be good at collecting relevant information, use some small experiments to prove that what you say is true, such as electrolysis of water, water pollution and other news to customers. If you can use low-cost enough, but there is empirical evidence to prove that to achieve the effect of that nature is better, and also reached the aim to deepen the impression; if there is no empirical evidence, we must learn to "tell stories", about a specific and know the details, a story confirmed a sense, of course, these are well organized in advance, otherwise it really became a story. However, some water purification agents to join reluctant to take the time to tap these resources, the total power of persuasion and so on the spot to play. Remember: all traces of events falling sales, will lead consumers to rational thinking, "rational decision-making in the world, and all the evidence is not sufficient." Highest level of sales is that consumers do not feel the salesExistence, and it has been unknowingly sell.

   3 Matches corporate resources to meet all the needs of consumers

   put the needs of consumers and service you can provide closer together, to tell consumers, you can bring them What is the value, help them solve problems that actually required, standing on the perspective of the audience, empathy interact collision and friction, it is best to be able to reach a consensus. The bottom line is at least the minimum you have to let customers think youre justified, and also heard in the past. But often have a lot of water purification agents to join a conversation is not strained, customers are led by the nose, do not know where their core, but was speechless consumers get, so the demand and the corresponding strain it is necessary to enhance the ability of the agent to join must have to cross this bridge heart.

   In short, water purifiers Agent for consumers who want to buy your product, you will have to allow customers to see the value of water purifiers lies, it is not really useful, can not solve the practical problems . Small advice, the majority of water purification agents to join them, the majority of prospective water purification agents to join, you are the messenger of healthy clean water, water is the source of life, provide healthy drinking water industry is a sunrise industry products for people, water purification equipment is related to the health and safety of peoples lives, does not allow for ambiguity, we hope to choose a professional regular brand, selling useful products conscience, hope Hello everyone down to earth to serve the people wholeheartedly, remember that honesty is the development of the country.

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