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   In recent years, events on heavy metal pollution has been commonplace, the occurrence of excessive lead content in tap water news, and almost bursts will be broke. We all know that water is the source of human life, water on the human body transport nutrients and eliminate toxins plays a vital role, but if the play transport and detoxification of water itself is "toxic" mean?

   our common tap water contaminants invisible, intangible, many people will think of water "clean." In fact, the water "clean" does not mean no pollutants, because the problem from the water plant to the household taps is a long process, the source of water pollution, pipeline pollution, secondary pollution, etc., it is had to face. In fact in a foreign country, even if you can drink straight tap water, a lot of people will choose a water purifier, because it is more healthy and reliable drinking water containing impurities and contaminants, in fact, take his body when the filter, over time, will body impact immeasurable.


   As a promoter of the water industry, TCL to promote "smart healthy living."

   Not everyone can be man-made water pollution control, but we can filter out harmful substances in water, creating a healthy and clean water. TCL Group was established intelligent health appliances division at the beginning, it is committed to provide consumers with professional water purification solutions, to provide users with the ultimate product and service experience. TCL to enter the water industry since the company, relying on TCL strong research capacity and industrial strength, with the domestic water quality, production intentions in every water purifier, the intentions of doing every consumer services, from the initial half net cover water device (also known as three legs) to the full cover type water purifier tank; the water from a single film single film double double water; controlled from the manual control buttons, touch screen to WiFi wireless intelligent control; from a single solution to the water problem whole house water purification programs, etc., on the road to clean water deep insight into consumer demand, continuous product innovation, only to provide better products and experiences for the consumer. TCL water purifier has an excellent reputation and the quality of praise, which is the reason TCL water purification industry and consumers get the recognition and trust. Meanwhile, under the impetus of "smart healthy living" concept, TCL always adhere to good quality, promote healthy quality of life.



   Select TCL water purifiers, water to protect the health of the family

   to choose a good water purifier brand, is to select the first track to pass family life. TCL Intelligent Water Purifier to promote healthy living, whether for drinking, domestic water, do not insist on his own body as "water pollution" filter.

   regardless of the attitude of the quality of life of the product or upgrade, TCL can be well versed in the needs of the user experience, home appliances not only provide the most basic value, but also have enough color value. Therefore TCL water purifier in terms of appearance, technology and performance, all around the practical and decorative home improvement design; manufacturing process excellence, high-definition glass panels, cool big screen design, showing different visual, tactile experience; performance, multiple layers of net purification filter, which greatly improves the taste of water quality, protection of drinking water health; intelligence, is the industrys first dual-TDS value display, real-time display water quality, wifi wireless intelligent control is to achieve interpersonal connectivity, all Xpress master.

   In TJ-CRO506A-5 purifier as an example, HD glass panel, simple and elegant, easy to clean; using GE brand RO membrane technology, accuracy of 0.0001 micron filter, may be mercury, cadmium, lead , cobalt, thallium and other heavy metals easily filtered clean water reduction, not only that, to increase further comprising PP cotton, pre-carbon filter, the RO membrane filter, the carbon filter, the filter constituting the four-story density, complete removal of scale, rust , bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc., to add a safety barrier for the family drinking water.

   conventional water purifier need to manually open the internal water purifier, check whether the filter needs to be replaced, not only troublesome but also likely to cause pollution to the filter, TCL this water purifier in the surface of the machine will be replaced with a filter life alerts, clear, timely replacement, to ensure water fresh.



   A good water purifier than changes in technology, as well as user experience, TJ-CRO506A-5 purifiers have various human technical changed: 24V water separation design, innovation water leakage test chip, leakage more than 10 seconds, the machine automatically off, safe and reliable; chip mute booster pump, at the same time ensuring the reverse osmosis filtration, effectively reduce the sound of machine operation; using food-grade materials, refuse material contamination, the use of safer and more at ease.

   Today, the pursuit of quality of drinking water has become the people to improve the quality of lifeA portion of the amount, the quality of drinking water determines the quality of life, TCL water purifier to protect your family healthy drinking water, you can clean and safe drinking water to meet the demand. Aihenjiandan, sometimes, begin from a glass of healthy water.

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