Water purifier brand needs to create value morthneed fosocia


of the 21st century, ten issues of human concern, the haze of air pollution and water pollution has become an unavoidable problem. Children worldwide each year due to unclean drinking water and 50 million people have died, and according to survey data released by the World Health Organization: 2012 air pollution lead to 700 million deaths, and these mortality figures are still contaminated with the growing constantly rising.

   In recent years, the success of millet as a brand in marketing, has been much discussed consumers and competitors, do chat software from the original millet phone to do, and then later get involved in traditional consumer electronics household appliances television industry Today millet can be said to be a fully-fledged industry legend.

   can be said that there are numerous like millet a good job in trying to brand enterprises in China, concerned about the development of millet friends may have found millet and successfully entered a new industry into the environmental protection industry, to start a air purifiers and water purifiers.

   Looking at todays water purifier market, many brands, water purifier price is ranging from several hundred dollars to, what is more part of the big name international brands under the banner of a thousand dollars a water purifier brand price over million. Look for OEM manufacturers from producing and selling water purifiers millet, we can easily find how low the water purifier barriers to entry.

   In fact, the government for the sale of water purifier lack of regulation is not the moment, so indulgence market, driven by the interests, there will be more small workshops unscrupulous profiteering businessmen, to develop late victims will eventually be consumers!

   we are not against any powerful enterprises to join the water purification industry, but at the same time we want to go cross-section of business interests exist, the more we can take into account the interests of consumers. But in fact, many of the water purifier manufacturers and electricity suppliers to see more of the interests of the industry chain.

   water purification industry is a sunrise industry riding out the benefit of future generations, is to improve the quality of life of consumers of the economic development of the product!

   There is this group with responsibility for a successful career of conscience in Shenzhen, China enterprise: Angel Industrial Co., Ltd., Cheng Rong Group of Hong Kong Industries Limited (subsidiary Goldis rain water purifier), etc., they have the most cutting-edge water purification technology, both hardware scale and brand building soft power are tight large international brand, occupy a higher share in the domestic market, quality and service to win customersPraise, at the same time creating value for the brand, but also for the community to contribute their own strength. But also for the cause of Chinas water purifier silently down to earth to contribute their bit by bit.

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