State sudden force manufacturers What is thvaluof used house

   "very surprised and did not expect, but do not know what the purpose and intent of industrial policy in the end is? At least in the short term, this should not to solve the consumer demand for home appliances market this year, the problem of weak, but long point of view, but it is not clear in the end to give the home appliance industry and markets which bring good? "

   this Friday (16 May), the national Development and Reform Commission official website of the sudden disclosure of a report entitled" waste on improving home appliances recycling system to promote home appliances to update consumer embodiment, "jointly issued by the NDRC, the Ministry of industry, Ministry of Commerce, market supervision bureau and other seven ministries, the core objective is to pass about three years, and improve industry standards, policy system, the establishment of orderly and efficient waste home appliances recycling system, so as to promote updating of the consumer appliances.

   Subsequently, the program caused a lot of hot appliance manufacturers on the Chinese market, some manufacturers proposed the above questions. However, home appliances circle view, this is clearly not a temporary program launched this year, should have had a clear discussion and deliberation of industrial policy, released after the parties reached a consensus this year. Therefore, does not foresee changes in the consumer electronics market this year. At the same time, this program is not just good to waste appliance recycling business, for home appliances business, electricity providers and other large retailers, have a positive meaning and value.


   appliances circle noted that compared with the previous country faced a series of policy documents issued discarded appliances, this year the program increased "Exploring new home appliance consumption patterns, carry out home leasing "content, encourage enterprise and electrical appliances business, real estate, rental and other enterprises, for newly graduated college students, migrant workers and other consumer groups, as well as employees of temporary housing needs of large enterprises, carry out home rental business. It is also considered, the biggest highlight of this program, national level to encourage household electrical appliance enterprises directly operating lease business, not only can ease the cost pressures many companies a one-time purchase, it can also enhance the quality of life of a large number of floating population.

   This year, for the consumer appliances market, although it can not use the "leaking stimulated continuous rain" to describe, but before the real estate market regulation to bring home appliance retail chain reaction of the market downturn, this sudden the globalization of the epidemic have been shut down once again to bring both domestic and overseas markets and downturn, which has long been a global distribution and management of Chinas home appliance industry has brought multiple hardships.

   However, home appliances circle was informed that compared to a decade ago, at the national level for the home appliance market, their focus has improved significantly from last year continuous introduction of a number of documents and programs to encourage local governments introduced policies to promote energy efficiency, green marketing energy, intelligence and other new appliances, led the "TM" consumer; this year, more than 30 provinces and cities start at "coupons issued" work to stimulate the purchasing power of the terminal, as well as Guangdong Province again to restart the "home appliances to the countryside" policy again, + 5% by way of government enterprises 5%, to give rural residents to purchase home appliances 10% subsidy.

   The National Development and Reform Commission and other seven ministries although the introduction of the home appliance industry is built for the waste recycling system and improve the program, but think of home appliances circle: This is essentially still the "speed up the construction of waste home appliances recycling system" Chinese families to accelerate the phase-out of old home appliances clean-up rate, used by many appliance manufacturers to find a breakthrough and direction to stimulate consumption.

   For example: the cities to set up a transit point for the transport of waste home appliances recycling, build Internet applications service platform to support large household appliances enterprises, businesses, and professional recycling companies and jointly conduct electronic business platform used household appliances recycling. These initiatives are easy to Chinese families more quickly dispose of used household appliances, while enjoying the corresponding subsidies. In particular to allow household electrical appliance enterprises, distributors, as well as electronic business platform at the same time expand the "home appliance recycling" to give the appropriate qualifications, it is to encourage these manufacturers through user-oriented "collection of waste renewal" initiative, either through recycling of waste appliances earnings, but also subsidies to users renewed desire.

   At the same time, the program explicitly requires all government departments to encourage trade associations to drive home appliance manufacturers, to carry out urban and rural household appliances "TM" and update consumer activities, and guide consumers to the timely replacement of old age over the safe use of household appliances, to promote intelligent, energy-saving, green products to explore.

   Indeed, the country for the first time in the proposed scheme to encourage home appliance household electrical appliance enterprises to explore new consumption patterns, carry out home rental business. By "pay rent to buy" the share of the economy mode, or activate consumer needs and desires in nature, with less effort to get more new technology, bringing a new product experience.

   can be seen behind the endless series of industrial policy documents and programs, and initiatives indicate the degree of importance to the countrys growing home appliance industry, particularly recognize ChinaHome appliance manufacturing industry status and influence in the world. Therefore, also we have been trying to pass at the end of the first-line market to stimulate consumer demand and the desire to drive the development of the entire appliance industry. This appliance manufacturers must re-awareness and understanding.

   Of course, there for some appliance manufacturers regrettable that country to encourage the construction of waste home appliances recycling system, involving enterprises to build waste home appliances recycling network, optimization of waste household appliances project layout, made it clear the central funds given to the necessary support. However, for home appliances, "TM" campaign for the market and users, has not issued the corresponding financial supporting policies. The difficulty of the current consumer electronics market business is that, in the absence of state financial subsidies under the policy, even though manufacturers continue to cut prices, it is difficult to continue to activate and drive line market consumption.

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