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   in 2018 for the brutal growing water purifier industry, destined to be a change of years. Water industrys first mandatory standard "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" (hereinafter referred to as "the new national standard") has been recently released, and will be formally implemented since 2018. Experts said the new national standard baked compulsory means that the state will regulate the production of water purification market constraints Forced water purification technology innovation, the next 2--3 years will accelerate the industry reshuffle.


   a new standard floor

   State Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission issued a new national standard, to implement the most stringent water management system, draw strict control of water use efficiency red line, and will be held in November 2018 began.

   According to reports, the detection of the standard on the one hand and a predetermined method for calculating water efficiency, on the other hand the effect of water into five, and set the red water aquaculture net rate, i.e., water 5 defining efficiency value of 35%. By setting the limit value of the water effect, will eliminate at least 30% of the high water consumption products, preliminary estimates annual water over 100 million cubic meters.

   A survey shows that water purifiers average efficiency of less than 20%, is expected to raise the average standard implementation doubled to more than 40%, while the standard set up advanced water-saving value, water efficiency improvements can lead the industry. Reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency standards in grade 2 water-saving evaluation value that is 55%, as a leading indicator advanced and efficient water-saving products, will encourage enterprises to improve technology, by improving overall product quality to meet higher water efficiency.

   After the new national standard, where the net rate of less than 35% water aquaculture of RO reverse osmosis water purification, can be set on the product, the new national standard will be defined by the effective value of the water failed, to eliminate those inferior products high water consumption.

   In addition, the new version of "Standardization Law" last November 4 approval by the NPC Standing Committee, clearly require companies to explicitly name the implementation of mandatory, voluntary standards numbered 1 this law in 2018 after March 1 implementation of the enterprise implementation of national standards play a strong role in promoting. According to vice president of Chinese Academy of household appliances engineer Lu Jianguo, the "Standardization Law" of the enterprise is also a protected spot checks when there is a lot of uncertainty also circumvented.

   In fact, as early as August 1, 2014 formally implemented the "household and similar use of drinking waterProcessing core "and" household and similar use drinking water treatment device ", but the two non-mandatory national standard because of its properties, water purification has not been relevant companies pay attention, did not play a substantial role in purifying the market.

   chaos phenomena

   According to the Institute for Industrial Business "issued 2018--2023 Chinas water purifier market prospects and investment opportunities research report" data show that in 2017 China water purifier market scale up to 27.1 billion yuan, an increase of 33.2%, in 2018 China water purifier or sales volume will exceed 33 billion yuan. Hot market performance, so many companies saw great potential in the field of water purification, have entered the market. According to incomplete statistics, my countrys water purifier brand has reached 5600. Among these are the years of deep plowing the field of quality supply of clean water, there is a rush downstream and foreign, as well as workshops for SMEs.

   reporters Jingdong Mall search on "water purifier" in the name, more than 7400 product information appears, in addition to the Patio, Midea, Haier and other major brands, there are a lot of no-name and not seen products; on Taobao, there are nearly 5000 water purification products, prices ranging from several hundred dollars to several million.

   industry watchers Hong Shibin pointed out that, before the introduction of the new national standard, the water purification industry has been in a state of "barbaric growth", the product quite a mixed bag, brand chaos, chaotic market environment, and false advertising and more, not only affects consumers purchase, but also allow consumers to water purification products have been questioned, it is not conducive to the development of the industry, but also detrimental to the interests of consumers.

   "For example, for the RO reverse osmosis water purifier, the more prominent question is, than waste. Many businesses in the waste water than deliberately concealed on this index, so that there is a serious between businesses and consumers information asymmetry. "Hong Shibin said.

   It is understood that net aquatic water rate nearly 40 percent of home reverse osmosis water purifier on the market less than 20%, that is produced 1 ton of pure water, there will be four tons of waste water is drained, and businesses in the sales of this product Shique avoided, even fraudulent claims that waste water is low, and only after consumers buy the product home and found the problem, but it was too late.

   In addition, the overall penetration rate of home water purifier less than 5%, the rural market is almost empty frequently came to sell water purifier fraud. The purpose is to restore the original clean water contaminated water, but the currentWater purifier market has the name of "beauty", "anti-cancer" and other effects to confuse consumers.

   According to reports, insiders broke the news, a water purifier two or three thousand, open and found: accessories for the ex-factory price of 1.8 yuan a meltblown filter, a $ 3 Activated Carbon filter, there are two elements not exceeding 3.5 granular activated carbon filter, and a 60 per RO membrane. In addition to the low-end accessories, but some businesses are not "safety of drinking water health permits this document."

   Insiders pointed out that chaos leads to lack of consumer confidence in the market, but also seriously hindered the healthy development of the industry. The reason for the confusion is the root of the previous lack of national compulsory standards, low barriers to entry.


   In addition to the above-mentioned problems, there is the water purification industry product homogeneity serious problem.

   homogenization of water purification products will bring a lot of problems, such as unable to meet consumers quality type "," personalized "demand, so focus on technological innovation of technology companies lose dividends, resulting in a growing the more companies to follow suit mimicry, we can only rely on price war to fight for market.

   the formal implementation of the new national standard will further rectify the water industry, to lead a new round of technology upgrades. Wu Chunyong fusion, CEO said: "Domestic water purification products industry is ushering in a period of innovation, the new national standard will be introduced to upgrade Forced water industry, high-tech, high-quality water purification products will be recognized by the market, low-end OEM no core technology of water purification brand will gradually be abandoned. "

   he felt that with the water industry matures, and the consumer continue to strengthen the awareness of water purification products, water purification industry will product iteration faced with a new situation before the product popularity synchronous line. Therefore, water companies need to break the inertia of thinking, we should continue to strengthen brand building, optimizing the channel structure, three-dimensional technology to promote products, based on the core technology, to grasp the core of the formation, from the intense competition in the market come to the fore clean water.

   Wen Jianping, Orville cloud network, chairman and president has said, our industry is in its infancy water purification, water purification industry holdings higher high ceilings, large space for future development potential.

   In this regard, industry analysts, the prospect of home appliances market over the next decade will focus on four-tier cities, the main factor is derived from the citys operating costs continue to increase, limiting the city to some extent appliancesDevelopment of the market. Higher subsidies for new national energy-saving products in tier city water purifier appliances hot market is the best evidence.

   He also said: "As the domestic first-tier cities high prices, limited use of space, so that many consumers have some concerns in the purchase of water purification products, the main reason is occupied by water purifier . for a relatively large area of 鈥嬧€媡he three or four lines, the rate is relatively low, the use of an area of 鈥嬧€媟elatively lax conditions are favorable cause purifier touted "

   (source: China economic net)

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