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  The baby to drink water can be better and more cost-effective Author: Tim net water purification Views: 452 Time: 2017-9-20 9:45:02 metabolism babies for breastfeeding them, the water is more important than milk . Because milk contains more than 75% of the intake of water, accounting for almost 84% of the days food. The children generally weak constitutions, poor immunity, drinking water safety is very important for the healthy growth of babies, so what kind of water to drink, mothers should pay special attention! It is recommended to use water purifiers. 鎭噣,姣嶅┐鍑€姘村櫒 The benefits of a water purifier water solution after secondary pollution of water with chlorine gas, can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove heavy metals and other volatile substances; tap water via a conduit conveying distance, susceptible to secondary pollution, boil bacteria can only solve the problem, not solve the sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile matter and bacteria "corpse" and other issues, so use water purifier filter water bubbles peace of mind to the baby milk powder. The benefits of the water purifier two alternative choice of bottled water bucket bottled water ranging from about 8 to 16 yuan, high cost, and this mostly water purifiers or water with a large machining running water, there is little natural mineral water, bottled water short shelf-life time. Furthermore sinister business, maybe you spend your money to buy bottled water in the end clean? do you know do not know! bottled water purifiers benefits neither fish nor fowl water high cost of bottled water by a few rich families as a daily water, but the cost is too high, and bottled water is clean water, lack of trace elements and minerals, long-term consumption on human health should not be, the effect may not be as water purifier . Four water purification benefits assured to raise baby, healthy growth ultrafiltration water purifier can efficiently separate and remove all types of contaminants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, antibiotics, iron and other harmful substances in water, and low cost, good water taste, water weakly alkaline, strong activity, the ideal mother milk foam water.

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