Troubleshooting ultrafiltration machine malfuncon do not bhe

   now, many consumers have chosen to install a home water purifier to protect drinking water health. Where consumers buy ultrafiltration machine is a lot of friends. Therefore, methods for troubleshooting and maintenance ultrafiltration machine, we need to look at.




Troubleshooting ultrafiltration machine malfunction do not bother (Photo from Internet)

   First, the small water flow ultrafiltration water purifier how to do ?

   1, the filter plug

   when the flow rate becomes small water purifier, a generally conventional way is to take a forward flush method, the timing to open the drain port is directed out of the water but for forget long-term portion of customer never even wash wash, and carried forward can not achieve the effect of sewage flushing sewage, we need to use reverse flushing water flow hours. Rinsing steps:

   A water inlet valve closed

   B Removal "intake", "mouth purification" "outfall" preparation of three tubes

   C... water inlet connection "outfall", the other two ports in an open state (without any connection), and then open the water inlet valve, wait five minutes for rinsing.

   D. "outfall" reverse flushing is completed, switch off the water, then the water inlet connection "clean water port" and the other two ports in an open state (without any connection), the water inlet valve open, wait five minutes for rinsing.

   E. when two after a mouth rinse for the reverse completed, and then resume normal use of the connection state, and then forward the sewage five minutes.

   2, down into the water of

   into the general water purifier membrane at a pressure below 1 kg can not be started properly purified, the water flow will be significantly lower than before is not installed. Resolved the method is installed by booster pumps.

   Second, ultrafiltration water effluent is how other coloring matter?

   1, a membrane borehole

   Usually distinguish whether the borehole membrane , there is a basic approach is to look out of shape material, if the material is out of the filaments, similar hair-like shape, there is a high possibility of popping, popping if ultrafiltration membrane ultrafiltration membrane can only be replace.

   2, whether to use the net tap "iron" material

   There are many consumers in the process of using a lot of black water will flow out small particles, but discharge a minute or two, these small black particles will not have, then next time you turn on the tap is still there this problem, this situation occurs when the purification is because rust inside the faucet, and then each resulting in rust particles continue to react with the water contact, and then after the faucet is turned on next, together with the effluent water.

   Third, ultra filtered water flowing out how to do a lot of powder?

   1, the water pressure is too high

   when the water pressure is too high will cause the water "instant" through ultrafiltration membranes, resulting in " instant "through process produces many fine small bubbles, but it is seen when feeling like a powder, this time is the best way to tell if the powder is a glass of water access, wait five minutes, and then observed" powder "has disappeared, If you can certainly confirm the disappearance of excessive pressure caused by excessive production of bubbles, the bubbles generated will not have any impact on the human body.

   2, no protection liquid rinse membrane

   The new machine during rinsing is not clean, resulting in a lot of water flowing powder, the general solution, rinsed one time continued to increase, rinse than half an hour, until the powder disappears, the second is reverse flushing (not recommended).

   3, water hardness

   this situation readily occurs in the northern region, local water quality because the calcium magnesium ion content is too high. Powdery substance there will be some resulting in effluent, the solution is to add a softening resin filter in front of the water purifier.

   Fourth, the purified water contains smell how?

   1, the protection liquid membrane rinse flows or no post carbon

   membrane rinse liquid is not protected. there will be some "sour" rinsing solution is to continue to cause the protection liquid when drinking water. After disconnecting the installation process is not directly activated carbon for forward sewage purifier, resulting in partial protection was activated carbon. After the solution is to replace activated carbon.

   2, purified water still bleach taste

   needs to install or replace the activated carbon, is currently the most effective method for the bleach is the use of activated carbon adsorption. If the activated carbon with poor taste by the need to install or replace.

   V. leaking water purifier how to do?

   1, loose screws

   both sides of the water purifier cover the gap leaks, loose screws may be, you need to tighten the screws.

   2, waterproof apron leakage

   If you are still unable to resolve tighten the screws because the internal leakage is leakage waterproof apron, the solution is to replace the waterproof rubber ring.

   3, the interface leakage portion [123 ]

   Interface portion preparation is to be checked leakage evasion or stainless steel perforated tube, is required if the inner and outer perforated stainless steel solder increase, this condition typically requires the vendor site maintenance personnel.

   is more than five points on handling solutions for common problems ultrafiltration water purifiers, hope can help to choose to use ultrafiltration water purifier consumer friends.

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